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Cambridge Neuroscience Public Lecture 21 March

20 March, 2017 in Neuroscience News

"Cambridge Neuroscience Public Lecture - Robinson College, Cambridge at 6pm - Featuring a Cambridge Neurologist and a patient that has been involved in MS trials.
Tuesday 21 March: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Robinson College, Grange Road, CB3 9AN

Cambridge Neuroscience Public Lecture

People with multiple sclerosis will describe how they are affected by this disease of the brain and spinal cord. It starts in early adulthood and initially consists of attacks, which come and go, due to inflammation in the brain. Later in the illness, people develop progressive disability. In 1993, the first drug to suppress the inflammation in multiple sclerosis became available. Since then, several treatments have been developed, that are increasingly effective in reducing the attacks of multiple sclerosis. We will show how this first battle in the war against multiple sclerosis has nearly been won. However, that still leaves people with some scarring in the brain, with the threat of progressive disability in the future. We will hear from scientists at Cambridge who have recently developed exciting strategies to encourage the brain to repair itself. And participants in a trial of one of these approaches will describe their experience.

Professor Alasdair Coles has been in Cambridge since 1993, having trained at Oxford, London and Nottingham. He is a neurologist at Addenbrooke’s who specialises in treating immunological diseases of the brain. He also researches the effects of neurological diseases on religious faith.

Booking is not available and visitors are requested to arrive early to ensure a space. Doors open at 6pm with the event starting at 6.10pm.

If you are unable to attend, stream live on Twitter @CamNeuro.

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