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The SfN 2017 travel grant awardees have been selected

26 June, 2017 in FENS News

FENS offers 10 travel grants of € 1.500 each to attend the annual meeting of the SfN (Washington, 11-15 November 2017). Stipends are earmarked for FENS members.

The applicants have been awarded a SfN travel grant for their participation in the SfN Annual Meeting 2017 in Washington. 
The grants will be distributed at the FENS booth during the SfN Meeting. Please bring along your identity card or passport.

FENS wholeheartedly congratulates the following winners:

Nuno Dinis Alves (Portugal)

Marta Carus-Cadavieco (Germany)

Elisa Galliano (The Netherlands)

Mona Garvert (Germany)

Bogna Ignatwoska-Jankowska (Israel)

Graziella Madeo (Italy)

Patricia Patricio (Portugal)

Marton Rozsa (Hungary)

Joel Wellbourne-Wood  (Switzerland)

Thomas Younts (United Kingdom) 



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