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Message from the President

23 March, 2018 in FENS News

Spring is with us, the evenings are lighter and our optimism about the 20th Anniversary FENS Forum in Berlin has been fully justified. More neuroscientists than at any previous Forum have registered to attend and there are 4000 abstract submissions.

There is undoubted enthusiasm for gathering in Berlin to enjoy superb neuroscience, to meet old friends and to make new ones. The exceptional programme - with stellar plenary and special lectures and highly contemporary symposia that span the richness of neuroscience - has clearly proved attractive.

FENS has received many inquiries about the possibility of submitting abstracts of late-breaking research that was perhaps not complete by the time of the earlier main deadline. In response to these requests, we have made the unusual decision to re-open a window for the submission of these abstracts. The window will open on 26th March and will close on 15th April. All abstracts submitted during this time will be scheduled along with all other abstracts at the Programme Committee meeting towards the end of April, so your science will be among cognate research in the themed poster sessions.

If you were undecided before, now is the last opportunity to submit your abstract and also to take advantage of discounted FENS member registration rates. The 20th Anniversary FENS Forum will be an outstanding celebration of neuroscience research and it is taking place in a most exciting city. Come and join the party - in fact, come and join the ‘Jump the FENS’ party in an explosive 3000 capacity venue (which is filling up fast).

Prof. Barry Everitt

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