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FENS supports the call for increased funding in the 9th European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

21 August, 2018 in FENS News

FENS supports the call for increased funding as outlined in the document “Counting down to Zero: Towards a future with underfunded health research?” presented by the European Brain Council.

FENS considers of utmost importance that the Health Cluster receives significant funding that matches the expressed ambition of the European Commission and that can respond to the pressing health challenges in Europe.

Without sufficient investment in the health cluster, spanning knowledge-generating fundamental and translational research, as well as significant investment in clinical settings, the associated costs of societal health will continue to grow and soon be unsustainable at the European level. Decreasing investments within the health cluster, as outlined in the current proposal from the European Commission, therefore would be a serious mistake.

FENS is a member institution of the EBC and represents more than 22,000 academic neuroscientists working at all levels of brain related discovery.

See FENS feedback form on the European Commission webpage. 

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