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FENS won the IAPCO Driving Excellence Regional Client Award

26 February, 2019 in FENS News

FENS has been awarded the IAPCO Driving Excellence Award for 2018 Regional Client for the FENS Forum 2018 in Berlin.

The Award is presented annually to an individual, company or organisation who provides a consistent service of excellence in support of major meetings.

The nomination came from the Kenes Group, thanks to the strong collaboration between the two organisations. Tamara Wasserman, representing Kenes Group, commented: "FENS pushes the boundaries of the event management world. A visionary organisation with clear objectives for their meetings, FENS has high requirements, a good understanding of the smart use of technology, and the ability to provide the balanced mix of online and live events to satisfy the needs of practitioners in the ever-developing field of neuroscience.”

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