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Keep #FENS2020 going with #FENSFriday

15 July, 2020 in FENS News

The FENS 2020 Virtual Forum is now over but let's keep the experience going every week on #FENSFriday! 
Share what you have been catching up on, every week on social media by using #FENSFrirday. We will be sharing ours as well, and we have some surprises in store! 

#FENSFriday 24 July, #FENSFriday 31 July and #FENSFriday 7 August: download the graphic recordings of Eve Marder and Sheena Josselyn's lectures as well as the Brain Debate

#FENSFriday 14 August: donwload the graphic recording of Rosa Cossart's lecture

#FENSFriday 21 Augustdownload the graphic recording of Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg's lecture

#FENSFriday 28 Augustdownload the graphic recording of Rui Costa's lecture

#FENSFriday 4 September: download the How to use Twitter in your science life guide

#FENSFriday 11 September: let us know how you think we can improve, together, neuroscience

#FENSFriday 18 September: download the graphic recording of Jan Born's lecture

#FENSFriday 25 September: download the graphic of Sonia Garel's lecture

#FENSFriday 2 October (not available yet)

#FENSFriday 9 October (not available yet)

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