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FENS Friday webinar: "Communicating your science to non-scientists"

24 March, 2021 in FENS News

The webinar "Communicating your science to non-scientists: a how to guide with some top tips" is aimed for neuroscientists at any stage who wish to engage the wider audience with their research, particularly for those who are new to science communication. Free event but limited number of places. Registration deadline: 22 April 2021.

Science can often seem confusing, scary and complex to an audience who do not have a scientific background, so how do you go about communicating your research to non-scientists?
Research projects and individual researchers are exploring new methods of science communication in order to engage wider audiences and make science more accessible and inclusive. But, coming up with an event idea, choosing its format or knowing where to get funding can be tricky. This webinar is aimed for neuroscientists at any stage who wish to engage the wider audience with their research, particularly for those who are new to science communication. The facilitators will provide guidance to identify your audience, define your format (including in an online environment) and where to look for funding.

Registration is open until 22 April 2021: register here.

Date & Time

Friday 23 April 2021, 2-3:30 pm CEST


Welcome & introduction
Why science communication?
Knowing who you are addressing: tips to identify your audience
How to best communicate your research: finding the right format
Running a science communication event: funds and organisations


Chair: Emma Yhnell (UK), FENS Communication Committee
Dr Emma Yhnell is a passionate and award winning science communicator. She has experience in expertise in public engagement, science communication and the public understanding of science.
She has strong experience in engaging with a range of audiences all over the world and communicating through a range of mediums and has won awards for her science writing as well as her in person talks and lectures

Speaker: Ann Van der Jeugd (BE), Programme Manager at the KU Leuven Brain Institute
Dr Ann Van derJeugd is the Programme Manager of the Leuven Brain Institute, where she unites all neuroscience research at KU Leuven, by stimulating connections within LBI, fostering new external collaborations and raising awareness about the societal impact of brain diseases. Ann was a postdoctoral fellowof the Fund Scientific Research–Flanders(FWO), and obtained several prestigious awards including the Science Communication Prize from the Royal Flemish Academy of Sciences in Belgium (KVAB) in 2020 and for Brain Awareness Week (2018, 2019)f rom the Federation of European NeuroscienceSocieties (FENS).

About this event

This event is organised by the FENS Communication Committee with the support of the Dana Foundation and is part of a series of online events which will focus on the practicalities of science communication and offering concrete advice for the development of high-quality outreach events and activities. Event part of the FENS Friday series.


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