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FENS at BNA 2021 (12-15 April)!

01 April, 2021 in FENS News

Attending BNA 2021? Visit the FENS booth and come ask all your questions about the FENS Forum 2022 to the representatives of Programme Committee on Thursday 15 April at 5 pm BST.

FENS will be at the BNA 2021, taking place online on 12-15 April 2021.

FENS booth

Visit the FENS booth during exhibition hours and ask all your questions about our activities. 

FENS 2022 at BNA 2021

Thursday 15 April, 5 pm BEST / 6 pm CEST
Join us for a chat with  representatives of the FENS 2022 Programme Committee: Angela Roberts (Chair, University of Cambridge, UK), Andrew King (University of Oxford, UK) and Anne Rosser (Cardiff University, UK).
This session is open to all BNA 2021 attendees: join us and ask all your questions!


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BNA 2021

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