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Travel grants for technicians

CARE travel grants 2019

CARE is offering 5 travel grants of €500 each to support training in the context of the implementation of the European Directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. Training should be focused on the 3Rs (replacement, refinement, reduction).

Two different types of travel grant are available:

  • - Travel grants for technicians: the aim of these grants is to support technicians working with animals who wish to travel to another facility for training. 
  • - Travel grants for academic institutions: these grants should be used to invite experts to come to an institution in order to train that institution's animal technicians.


The applications deadline is 30 September 2019.


Submit your application here.


Eligibility criteria - travel grants for technicians

Applicants should work with animals on a regular basis in their current position. They will be asked to provide:

  • - Information about the training course they wish to attend
  • - Details of their current position, including responsibilities and an overview of their work with animals
  • - A motivation statement (max. one page)
  • - A short supporting statement from their PI (who should be a current FENS member)


Eligibility criteria - travel grants for academic institutions

Applying institutions should host research activities involving the use of animals. The training proposed should be aimed at technicians working with animals on a regular basis in the current position.

Applying institutions will be asked to provide:

  • - Contact details of the PI (who should be a current FENS member)
  • - Information about the purpose and target audience of the training course they wish to organise
  • - A short CV (max. two pages) of the expert they wish to invite
  • - A motivation statement written by the PI (max. one page)


Evaluation process and attribution of travel grants

The members of the CARE committee will evaluate applications following the application deadline. All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application.

Travel grant recipients will be expected to submit a short report to the committee following the training. Grants will be awarded upon receipt of the report.


Any questions about the application procedure should be addressed to