Connecting European Neuroscience

Events and Initiatives

  • CARE event at FRM 2017: Communicating current issues of animal research - How should we open the magic box? 22 September 2017, Pécs, Hungary
  • The session will emphasize the importance of improving communication on animal research and addresses the current (public) need for transparency and openness in animal research. Representatives from animal research supporting organisations, such as the FENS Committee on Animals in Research (CARE), the European Animal Research Association (EARA) and the Understanding Animal Research (UAR) and known academics will introduce their recent efforts on how to communicate to achieve a better understanding of animal research and suggestions will be made on how to present scientific work with animals for the public. 
  • Public Hearing on the SCHEER Opinion. 'The need for non-human primates in biomedical research, production and testing of products and devices, 14 March 2017, Strasbourg, France.
  • The Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging and Risks (SCHEER) will organize a public hearing in Luxembourg on the preliminary Opinion on 'The need for non-human primates in biomedical research, production and testing of products and devices (update 2017)'.
  • Scientific conference: Non-Animal approaches - Moving forward, 6-7 December 2016, Brussels.
  • The European Commission is organising a scientific conference in Brussels to engage the scientific community and relevant stakeholders in a debate on how to exploit cutting edge advances in biomedical and other research in the development of scientifically valid non-animal approaches (alternatives to animal testing). 
  • FENS Forum 2016: SiE06 - Why do we need to use animals in research? Reaching out to the scientific community, the public and the institutions4 July 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • This session will introduce the activities of the FENS Committee on Animals in Research (CARE) and highlight the issues that can arise in communicating with the scientific community, the media and public opinion during a crisis.  Researchers will bring their own experience of crisis management when under attack by animal-rights organisations.
  • Understanding research involving animals and the alternatives, 20 January 2015, European Parliament, Brussels.
  • Meeting hosted by Vicky Ford MEP and Dr Cristian Busoi MEP and chaired by Professor Dermot Kelleher FMedSci, President, Federation of European Academies of Medicine

  Report of the meeting