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Brain Awareness Week 2017

FENS is happy to announce that, thanks to the Dana Foundation grant, 36 BAW projects held in 23 countries are funded in 2017.

FENS warmly congratulates the grant winners!


  • From the 87 applications (coming from 30 different European countries) submitted, the following BAW events (listed in alphabetical order by country) were selected for funding:
  • 1. Senik Matinyan (Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia) - Down to the memory lane:  past, present, and future

    2. Adnan Mujanović (University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Tuzla Brain Week 2017
  • 3. Senka Blažetić (J.J.Strossmayer University in Osijek, Croatia) - Hungry brain
  • 4. Nataša Šimić (University of Zadar, Croatia) - Journey  Through the  Human  Brain
  • 5. Thomas Alrik Sørensen (Aalborg University, Denmark) - Hjerneugen - Brain Awareness Week 2017
  • 6. Katri Wegelius (University of Helsinki, Finland) - Neuroscience Outreach Finland
  • 7. isabelle Le Brun (Grenoble Institut of Neurosciences, France) - Play brain: Ready, steady, go! (A vos cerveaux, prêts ? Jouez !)
  • 8. Carole Rovere (CNRS and University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France) - Brain and Emotions (Cerveau et Emotions)
  • 9. Inken Dose (Humboldt-universität zu Berlin, Germany) - Brain Awareness Week Berlin 2017
  • 10. Christina Dalla (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece) - Various Activities Planned for 2017 BAW by the Hellenic Society for Neuroscience: Mental health in children; Brain… The Director of our life; A School Day for the Brain; Our Brain; Little Brain-Researchers; Neuroscience at school and Mental Health
  • 11. Konstantinos Tsamis (Neurosurgical Institute of Ioannina, Greece) - Digging into the Brain
  • 12. Emília Madarász (Inst. of Experimental Medicine of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary) - Games and exercises: tools for building and maintaining brain functions
  • 13. Maria A. Deli (Biological Research Centre, Hungary) - On the waves of brain and music
  • 14. Siobhan McMahon (NUI Galway, Ireland) - My Amazing Brain
  • 15. Alona Shani-Narkiss (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) - Art and Brain Week 2017
  • 16. Andrea Zangrandi (Hospital IRCCS Santa Maria Nuova, Italy) - BAW 2017 - Reggio Emilia
  • 17. Piero Paolo Battaglini (University of Trieste, Italy) - Settimana del Cervello 2017
  • (Brain Awareness Week 2017)
  • 18. Tiziana Cotrufo (University of Verona, Italy) - The brain for and from all ages
  • 19. Harmen Krugers (Neurofederation, TheNetherlands) - Neurowetenschappers op school (Neuroscientists at school project)
  • 20. Sander Lindeman (Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands) - Making sense of the brain
  • 21. Dorota Nowicka (Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Poland) - Brain – facts and myths
  • 22. Sara Varela Amaral (CNC.IBILI: CNC - Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology & IBILI - Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Life Sciences, Portugal) - Brain Travel
  • 23. Susana Sola (Research Institute for Medicines (iMed.ULisboa), Portugal) - Playing with Brain!
  • 24. Ioana Podina (University of Bucharest, Romania) - My Curious Brain: 3rd edition
  • 25. Sofya Kulikova (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia) - Deciphering the Magic Brain Codes
  • 26. Irina Sukhotina (Pavlov First St.-Petersburg State Medical University, Russia) - 4th St.-Petersburg Brain Awareness Week “In the Face of Addiction”
  • 27. Lena Ilić (Serbian society of neurocience, Serbia) - Nedelja svesti o mozgu 2017 - Mozak u zemlji snova ( Brain awareness week 2017- The brain in the wonderland of sleep )
  • 28. Mara Dierssen (Center for genomic regulation, Spain) - BCN-Brain Awareness Week: ask the neuroscientist!
  • 29. Lucia Sanchez-Ruiloba (Spanish council for scientific Research, Spain) - What Happens When Neurons Die?
  • 30. Diego Echevarria (Instituto de Neurociencias. Universidad Miguel Hernandez, Spain) - Animal Models for Understanding Brain Function
  • 31. Cherine Fahim (Endoxa Neuroscience, Switzerland) - DeStress and ReShape your Brain!
  • 32. Isil Kurnaz (Gebze Technical University, Turkey) - OurBrain II – Brain Awareness Week 201:  Activity for 5-15 year-old students in Istanbul-Kocaeli Area
  • 33. Gulgun Sengul (Ege University, School of Medicine, Turkey) - Brain Awareness Week Activities of the Neuroscience Society of Turkey (NST) Ege District - Inside My Brain
  • 34. Valeriy Vozniuk (NGO "M-Gate", Ukraine) - Brain Awareness Week Ukraine
  • 35. Dervila Glynn (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom) - BRAINArt @ Cambridge BRAINFest 2017
  • 36. Charlotte Burford (King's College London, United Kingdom) - The Brain on a Box


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