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Brain Awareness Week 2018

FENS is happy to announce that, thanks to the Dana Foundation grant, 35 BAW projects held in 22 countries are funded in 2018.

FENS warmly congratulates the grant winners!

From the 76 applications (coming from 26 different European countries) submitted, the following BAW events (listed by country) were selected for funding:

1. Brain Awareness Week 2018: Life without stroke - Senik Matinyan (Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia)

2. The memory of smell - Ann Van der Jeugd (KU Leuven, Belgium)

3. Brain at Work - Pavle Valerjev (University of Zadar, Croatia)

4. Hjerneugen 2018 (Brain Awareness Week 2018) - Thomas Alrik Sørensen (Aalborg University, Denmark)

5. Brain Awareness Week/Ajutaju Nädal 2018 - Sophie Imbeault (Tallinn University, Estonia)

6. Brain and Society: the world is changing… and our brain? - Olivier Bosler (CNRS, France)

7. Brain Awareness 2018 in Paris - Laurence Lanfumey (Inserm 894, France)

8. Events for the Brain Awareness Week 2018 in Tours: About memory and learning - Yves Tillet (INRA, France)

9. The brain of the future - Carole Rovere (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis-Université Côte d'Azur, France)

10. Understand how the Brain works - Abdelhamid Benazzouz (Université de Bordeaux, France)

11. Brain Awareness Week Berlin - Margret Franke (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany)

12. Hellenic Society for Neuroscience BAW 2018 - Christina Dalla (Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece)

13. Learning and memory: brain processes and ethological/social impacts - Emilia Madarász (Institute of Experimental Medicine of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary)

14. Opening a window on the brain - Neuroscience in the public space - Emil C Toescu (University Pecs, Hungary)

15. My Amazing Brain Exhibit 2018 - Karen Doyle (National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland)

16. Technology and Neuroscience: from Homo Sapiens to Homo Tecnologicus - Giuseppe Zappala' (CentroScienza, Italy)

17. Neuroscience bus: Brain awareness on the city bus - Rafal Rygula (Institute of Pharmacology Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)

18. Neuro-Adventures - Sara Amaral (CNC.IBILI, Portugal)

19. The wildlife of robots: taking neuroscience thinking to a rural area in the interior of Portugal - Maria Vicente (Open Science Hub, Leiden University-Municipality of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo (Portugal) & NeuroGEARS (United Kingdom), Portugal)

20. Brain Technology – The quest for human enhancement - Mihai Stancu (Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania)

21. My Curious Brain: Youth for Youth edition - Podina Ioana (University of Bucharest, Romania)

22. Smart brains - Cristian Gurzu (National College N. Balcescu, Romania)

23. The brain in psychiatric disorders - Liana Kobylinska ("Dr. Constantin Gorgos" Titan Psychiatry Hospital, Romania)

24. 5th St.-Petersburg Brain Awareness Week: “Biosensors” - Irina Sukhotina (Pavlov First St.-Petersburg State Medical University, Russia)

25. Series of public talks on neurosciences in three Russian cities organized by the Evolution Foundation - Denis Volkov (The Evolution Foundation, Russia)

26. Mind-full of Consciousness - Jelena Dragićević (Student Body of Serbian Neuroscience Society, Serbia)

27. Brain Awareness Week 2018: The World is Built on Dreams - Dolores Trol (SiNAPSA, Slovenian Association of Neuroscience, Slovenia)

28. “Luminous”: consciousness in the electrical brain - BCN Brain Awareness Week 2018 - Mara Dierssen (Center for Genomic Regulation, Spain)

29. Sinapsis 2018: when BAW is part of a festival declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity - Lucia Hipolito (University of Valencia, Spain)

30. XV BAW in Murcia: the brain, the mind and the soul - Maria Trinidad Herrero (University of Murcia, Spain)

31. Free public evening lectures and discussions on research topics 'The Brain and its Environment' - Nicole Schaeren-Wiemers (University of Basel, Switzerland)

32. Istanbul-Kocaeli Brain Awareness Week 2018 - Isil Kurnaz (Gebze Technical University, Turkey)

33. Brain Days for schoolchildren - Andrii Cherninskyi (Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology (NAS of Ukraine), Ukraine)

34. London Brain Bee Competition Day - Martyna Petrulyte (British Brain Bee, United Kingdom)

35. Mad Hatter Grey Matter: A Brain Awareness Week Festival in Edinburgh - Jane Haley (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)


To know how brain research was celebrated in Europe in 2018, have a look at the annual report of BAW events funded by FENS and the Dana Foundation.

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