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Guillermina Bendito-Lopez lab:

- Postdoctoral Investigator in Alicante, Spain. Further information.


Tom Baden lab:

- PhD student in Brighton, UK and Hong Kong, China. Application deadline: 2 May 2017. Further information.


Emre Yaksi lab:

- Post-doctoral position in Trondheim, Norway. Further information.

- PhD student position in Trondheim, Norway. Further information.


Carlos Ribeiro lab:

- Post-doctoral position in the “Behavior and Metabolism” laboratory at the Champalimaud Center for the Unknown, Lisbon, Portugal. Openings are available immediately and applications will start being reviewed on 12 February 2017. Further information.


- Three full professorships that are part of a larger initiative to strengthen neuroscience at the University of Vienna are available. Application deadline: 31 March 2017. Further information.


- ERC-funded postdoctoral position in Neurophysiology
A postdoctoral position for neurophysiology and optogenetics is available at the Department of Developmental Neurophysiology, University Medical Center Hamburg, Germany.
Our group investigates the synchronized patterns of electrical activity in the immature brain, their relevance for the development of cognitive and behavioral abilities and their impairment associated with neurological disorders, such as perinatal ischemia and schizophrenia. The placement will be open until a suitable candidate is found but preferential treatment will be given to applications received before 30th of October with a possible starting date between December 2016 – February 2017. Further information.


  • - Please check as well the available neuroscience job opportunities on the FENS Job Market.