Connecting European Neuroscience

The History Corner

An exhibition of posters on the European History of Neuroscience displayed at FENS Meetings.

The FENS History of European Neuroscience Committee is organising a History Corner during major FENS meetings (the FENS Forum, the FFRM). This is not only the perfect place to learn about eminent neuroscientists and major neuroscience archives, but also where to keep track of the new activities organised by the History Committee, such as the European Brain Museum (EBM) Project.

Come and visit the History Corner at the FENS Forum 2018. Take a brake from the hustle and bustle of the Forum to learn more about the origins of European neuroscience as we know it today.

On the occasion of FENS 20th anniversary, the History Corner will be divided into two sections. The first will be dedicated to the works of the 2017 History Online Project Grant Awardees. The second will focus on FENS Member Societies, who are invited to create a poster on the history of their society or the history of brain science in their country.


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Funding for History Online Projects

This call provides grants for outstanding projects whose aim is to document the history and development of neuroscience in Europe.

Deadline: 1 October 2018

Apply here to fund your project.