Connecting European Neuroscience

Awarded History Projects: 2014-2017

The FENS History Committee organises a yearly call for projects reflecting the History of European Neuroscience. A selection is made and the best projects are awarded.

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Projects awarded in 2017

A Brain Museum Tour of Europe - Richard Brown from Halifax, Canada
- A Virtual Museum of Irish Brain Science - Richard Roche from Maynooth, Ireland
- Discovery of the first neurotansmitter receptor - Jean-Pierre Changeux from Paris, France
- European Innovations in Sensory Neuroprostheses - Daniel Rathbun from Tuebingen, Germany
- Friedrich Sanides: A unifying framework of cortical organization with ontogenetic,  phylogenetic and functional ramifications - Alexandros Goulas from Hamburg, Germany
- Heinrich Obersteiner and the Foundation of Neuroscience at 19th C. Vienna - Sonia Horn from Vienna, Austria
- Neuroscience Giants - Valeria Lavín from Madrid, Spain
- Neuroscience in Naples: institutions and protagonists - Clelia Sedda from Bologna, Italy
- Olga Vinogradova (1929-2001): role of the hippocampus in selection and registration of information - Evgeniia Samokhina from Pushchino, Russia
- Orbeli’s Phenomenon - Lusine Ghulikyan from Yerevan, Armenia
- Platon Kostyuk - founder of Ukrainian school of neuroscientists - Elena Lukyanetz from Kyiv, Ukraine
- Stars and thorns  of the Ukrainian neuroscientist Oleksandr Chernyakhivsky - Yuri Chaikovsky from Kyiv, Ukraine
- The legacy of Russian School of Neurophysiology - Lilya Andrianova from Exeter, United Kingdom
- The Magnus-Rademaker Neurocinematography Film Collection:  European pioneers of the study of body posture and reflexes - Thomas Younts from London, United Kingdom
- The pioneers of neuroscience in Poland - Slawomir Gonkowski from Olsztyn, Poland

Projects awarded in 2016

Projects awarded in 2015

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