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Awarded History Projects Online

This online platform lists the awarded History Projects which are already finalised and available online.
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Neuroscience by Caricature
   The Rise and Fall
of Phrenology 

Golgi Revealed

Historiography of Neurosciences
in Eastern Europe


János Szentágothai and
his legacy for neuroscience
  Neuroanatomical Histology

3-Dimensional Images 
  Translation into English
of the Club Histoire de
Neurosciences (CHN) website

Timelines in Neuroscience and
  Treasures from Cajal and
De Castro

Ivane Beritashvili –
Photo and Video Heritage
  Neurosciences and
History in Images

Dr Laza K. Lazarevic,
the founder of Serbian neurology
  Cajal's Legacy: Arrows
of Neuroscience
Unknown Ivan Pavlov
  Charles Darwin’s works
and early European neuroscience
Angelo Mosso
and his brain-mind problem,
a seed for the modern brain imaging
  Rediscovering Hibernation:
Research of the Belgrade School of Physiology
Insight into Greek neuroscientists

Volodymyr Betz (1834-1894) - World-renowned neurobiologist


Neuroscience in British Literature
  Batten Disease

Untold Stories: the Women Pioneers
of Neuroscience in Europe 


The vision of Alfred Yarbus      

The Eduardo Pons Tortella neurological tissue bank


The Vincenzo Neri Medical Film and Photographic Collection 



  The neuroscientific works of Sigmund Freud Volodymyr Pravdych-Neminsky (1879-1952): first EEG and struggle for neuroscience research


  Gilberto Rossi, a neuroscientist and an intellectual of the Novecento Olga Vinogradova (1929-2001): role of the hippocampus in selection and registration of information


  Neuroscience Giants Neurosciences in-formation: a visual history of Galvanism


  Pioneers of neuroscience in Poland A Virtual Museum of Irish Brain Science


  Heinrich Obersteiner and the Foundation of Neuroscience in 19th century Vienna Neuroscience in Georgia


  Living History — The History of Spanish Neuroscience in First Person Pavlov’s wayward pupil: full of twists and turns Jerzy Konorski’s life


  E.N. Sokolov the founder of vector psychophysiology in Lomonosov Moscow State University
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Enjoy reading the FENS manuscript

A Short History of European neuroscience - from the late 18th to the mid 20th century.


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Videos of History Seminar

Watch the seminar "History of Understanding of the Cerebral Cortex" on FENS Youtube Channel.

Learn about the work of Galileo in the 17th Century, the history of binocular vision or the stories hiding behind the histological slides in the Sherrington Box.