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Carlo Besta and the Italian Neurosciences Development

The Seminar "Carlo Besta and the Italian Neurosciences Development", was organised at the “Carlo Besta” Neurological Institute in Milan, Italy, on 17 April 2015, as part of the European History of Neuroscience Seminars.

The conference was organized by Fondazione I.R.C.C.S. Istituto Neurologico Carlo Besta and was the second in a series of historical seminars that will be held between 2015 and 2016 in collaboration with the FENS History Committee.

The aim was to illustrate the historical evolution of neuroscience, through one of the protagonists of the 1900’s: Carlo Besta, who founded the homonymous institute in Milan: the first example in Italy to bring together scientific, therapeutics, and surgery experiences of the nervous system.

Leading experts on the subject analyzed friendships, colleagues, and the socio-cultural context that were the origin and birth of Italian Neurology and the problems that led to its own independent path from psychiatry.

The event was part of a research library project of the Foundation which aims to valorize documentary heritage through initiatives, meetings and exhibits aimed at disseminating biomedical information, promoting bibliographic services and education of historic-scientific knowledge between citizens, doctors and researchers.

The few following photographs picture the presentation by the FENS-President, Prof. Monica Di Luca; the Lombardia regional assessor, Dr. Mario Melazzini's introduction;  and the speeches of Prof. Alessandro Porro and Prof. Paolo Mazzarello; as well as the exhibition corner displaying materials coming from the Institute. 


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