Connecting European Neuroscience

Links to websites focused on history of Neuroscience

The International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) has a History of Neuroscience Programme described as follows:

  • "The mission of the History of Neuroscience Committee is to bring together and publicize relevant aspects of the history of the neuroscience in a concise and clear manner in IBRO's History of Neuroscience series. In particular, the committee wishes to identify authors who might make interesting contributions to the web site and to encourage them to participate". The following links to history sites are listed:

      - Neuroscience for Kids
      - Phineas Gage Information Page
      - Nobel Prizes in Neuroscience
      - Today's Neuroscience, Tomorrow's History
      - History of European Neuroscience
      - International Society for the History of Neuroscience


  • The Society for Neuroscience presents a History of Neuroscience subsection on its About Neuroscience piece. It contains a rich open material, as well as links to valuable sites with historical material. SfN maintains this historical material as a resource for neuroscientists and the public. While not comprehensive, the documents chronicle the struggles and accomplishments of a still-young field and highlight major achievements and advances. Most of all, this information conveys the rigor and passion with which neuroscientists pursue scientific discovery.
  • Autobiographical Chapters - A six-volume book series detailing the lives and discoveries of eminent senior neuroscientists. Available for download (PDFs).
  • Autobiographical Videos - Archival interviews with distinguished senior neuroscientists.
  • Classic Papers - A sample of high impact classic papers addressing a range of neuroscience topics. Available for download (PDFs).
  • History Resources - A list of neuroscience history resources beyond SfN.
  • Download Robert W. Doty's chapter on neuroscience (PDF, 2.4 MB) from The History of the APS: The First Century, 1887-1987


  • The Club Officiel de la Société des Neurosciences Française homepage contains : Articles en ligne with links to a large number of neurohistorical papers in French and/or English as well as Histoire des neurosciences françaises with links, and/or presentations of famous French neuroscientists, and French institutes of neuroscience in French and/or English.
  • The History of Neuroscience in Newcastle provides the history of neuroscience at Newcastle presented chronologically in 3 phases of time.
  • The History of Neuroscience page of the Oxford Neuroscience website illustrates Oxford's history of neuroscience research dating back to the seventeenth century, and promotes the preservation of this heritage.