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Find here a collection of papers, videos and links conveying knowledge on History of Neuroscience.




❯  FENS History Seminars and Online Projects videos can be viewed on FENS Youtube Channel.

❯  The History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group made more than 400 interviews on prominent neuroscientists. Watch them on their website or on their Youtube Channel

❯  The Germany Neuroscience Society interviewed German neuroscientists.

❯  The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) has a database of autobiographical interviews on their website and their Youtube Channel.

❯  The University of Oxford is recording its History of Medical Sciences Seminar Series.


Useful links

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Enjoy reading the FENS manuscript

A Short History of European neuroscience - from the late 18th to the mid 20th century.


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Videos of History Seminar

Watch the seminar "History of Understanding of the Cerebral Cortex" on FENS Youtube Channel.

Learn about the work of Galileo in the 17th Century, the history of binocular vision or the stories hiding behind the histological slides in the Sherrington Box.