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Chedotal, Alain

Member, Programme Committee for the FENS Forum (2012 - 2014)

Curriculum Vitae

Professional and academic career

Directeur de Recherche INSERM (DR1), group leader, Vision Institute, UPMC University, Paris, France
Directeur de Recherche INSERM, group leader, CNRS UMR7102, UPMC-Paris 6,University, Paris, France
Chargé de Recherche INSERM, INSERM U106, Salpêtriere Hospital, Paris, France
Post-Doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Corey Goodman, UC Berkeley, USA
PhD student with Dr Constantino Sotelo, at the INSERM U106, Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris, France
Research Fellow in the Laboratory of Dr Edith Hamel, Montreal Neurological Institute, Montreal, Canada

Honours and awards

Embo Long term Fellowship
Young Investigator Award, European Society of Neurochemistry
Laureat of the Schlumberger Foundation for Education and Research
2006-2010, 2012-2015
Labellisation “Equipe de la Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (FRM)”

General administrative and organisational experience

Organisation of international meetings
June 2003
First EMBO workshop: Semaphorin function & dysfunction, Cargese, France (Main organiser)
June 2005
Meeting "Development and regeneration of neuronal connections", fondation des Treilles, Tourtour, France (Main organiser)
May 2008
Second EMBO Worshop on Semaphorins, Les Vaux de Cernay, France, (Main organiser)
September 2012
Meeting on Axon guidance, Synapse formation and Regeneration, Cold Spring Harbor laboratory, (Meeting co-organiser)
May 2013
Meeting « the future of axon guidance » Les Treilles, France, (Main organiser)
October 2013
Third EMBO meeting on Semaphorins, Les Vaux de Cernay, France, (Main organiser).

Research interests

Research in our laboratory is focused on the development of neuronal networks in the vertebrate brain, with a specific interest in the molecular mechanisms controlling neuronal migration and axon guidance. We have mostly studied three models: the cerebellum, the retina and the olfactory system. Our group is now pursuing the analysis of the role of semaphorins, slits and their receptors in neuronal migration, axon guidance and angiogenesis in the developing and adult CNS. We have also designed a novel genetic method to probe the precise functions of individual brain commissures and to identify the cellular substrate of related human neurological disorders. Most of our research is conducted in vivo using a variety of mouse models. We combine video-microscopy and biochemical methods to study several candidate downstream effectors We are also developing novel molecular and imaging techniques to study the cellular mechanisms regulating cell-cell interactions in the nervous system.

Selected Publications

  • Mehlen P, Delloye-Bourgeois C., Chédotal A. (2011) Novel roles for Slits and netrin: axon guidance cues as anti-cancer targets. Nature Reviews Cancer 11:188-197.
  • Matsuoka RL, Nguyen-Ba-Charvet K, Parray A, Badea TC, Chédotal A, Kolodkin AL (2011) Transmembrane Sema6A signaling through the PlexinA4 receptor controls lamina-specific neuronal connectivity in the vertebrate retina. Nature 470 :259-264.
  • Bouvier J, Thoby-Brisson M, Renier N, Dubreuil V, Ericson J, Champagnat J, Pierani A*, Chédotal A*, Fortin G* (2010) Hindbrain interneurons and axon guidance signaling critical for breathing. Nature Neuroscience 13 :1066-1074.
  • Renier N, Schonewille M, Giraudet F, Badura A, Tessier-Lavigne M, Avan P, De Zeeuw CI, Chédotal A (2010) Genetic dissection of the function of hindbrain axonal commissures. PLoS Biology 8:e1000325.
  • Renaud J, Kerjan G, Sumita I, Zagar Y, Georget V, Kim D, Fouquet C, Suda K, Sanbo M, Suto F, Ackerman SL, Mitchell KJ, Fujisawa H, Chédotal A (2008) Plexin-A2 and its ligand, Sema6A, control nucleus-centrosome coupling in migrating granule cells. Nature Neuroscience 11:440-449.
  • Kerjan G, Dolan J, Haumaitre C, Schneider-Maunoury S, Fujisawa H, Mitchell KJ, Chédotal A (2005) The transmembrane semaphorin Sema6A controls cerebellar granule cell migration. Nature Neuroscience 8:1516-1524.
  • Marillat V, Sabatier C, Failli V, Matsunaga E, Sotelo C, Tessier-Lavigne M, Chédotal A (2004) The slit receptor Rig-1/Robo3 controls midline crossing by hindbrain precerebellar neurons and axons. Neuron 43:69-79.
  • Matsunaga E, Tauszig-Delamasure S, Monnier PP, Mueller BK, Strittmatter SM, Mehlen P, Chédotal A (2004) RGM and its receptor neogenin regulate neuronal survival. Nature Cell Biology 6:749-755.
  • Chen H, Bagri A, Zupicich JA, Zou Y, Stoeckli E, Pleasure SJ, Lowenstein DH, Skarnes WC, Chédotal A*, Tessier-Lavigne M* (2000)
  • Nguyen Ba-Charvet KT, Brose K, Marillat V, Kidd T, Goodman CS, Tessier-Lavigne M, Sotelo C, Chédotal A (1999) Slit2-Mediated chemorepulsion and collapse of developing forebrain axons. Neuron 22:463-473.

Chedotal, Alain

Institut de la Vision
17 rue Moreau, 75012 Paris

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