Connecting European Neuroscience

Érdi, Péter

Schools Committee Member (1998 - 2001)
(representative of IBRO 2008-2013)

Major books

Péter Érdi and János Tóth: Mathematical Models of Chemical Reactions:
Theory and Applications of Deterministic and Stochastic Models. Manchester University Press 1989, Princeton University Press, 1989

Michael A Arbib, Péter Érdi and János Szentágothai: Neural Organization:
Structure, Function, and Dynamics. The MIT Press, 1997

Péter Érdi: Complexity Explained. Springer, 2007

Selected Publications

  • Érdi P, Grobler T, Barna G, Kaski K: Dynamics of the olfactory bulb: bifurcations, learning and memory. Biological Cybernetics, 63 (57-66) 1993
  • Aradi I, Barna G, Érdi P, Grobler T: Chaos and learning in the olfactory bulb. International Journal of Intelligent Systems, 10 (89-117) 1995
  • Érdi P, Aradi I, Grobler T: Rhythmogenesis in single cells and population models: olfactory bulb and hippocampus. BioSystems, 40 (45-53)1997
  • Somogyvári Z, Andai A, Székely G, Érdi P: On the role of self-excitation in the developement of topographic order in the visual system of the frog. BioSystems, 48 (215-222) 1998
  • Grobler T, Barna G, Érdi P: Statistical model of the hippocampal CA3 region I. The single-cell module: bursting model of the pyramidal Cell. Biol. Cybernetics, 79 (301-308) 1998
  • Barna G, Grobler T, Érdi P: Statistical model of the hippocampal CA3 region II. The population framework: model of rhythmic activity in the CA3 slice. Biol. Cybernetics, 79 (309-321) 1998
  • Bazsó F, Kepecs Á, Lengyel M, Payrits Sz, Szalisznyó K, Zalányi L, Érdi P: Single cell and population activities in cortical-like systems. Reviews in the Neurosciences 10 (201-212) 1999
  • Arbib M, Érdi P: Structure, Function, and Dynamics: An Integrated Approach to Neural Organization. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 23(513-571)
  • Szalisznyó K, Érdi P: Depolarizing/hyperpolarizing effects of GABAA synapse have beneficial role in synaptic weight resetting in hippocampus. Neuroreport 11 (2000) 3559-64
  • Orbán G, Kiss T, Lengyel M, Érdi P: Hippocampal rhythm generation: gamma related theta frequency resonance. Biological Cybernetics 84 (2001) 123-132
  • Lengyel M, Szatmáry Z, Érdi P: Dynamically detuned oscillations account for the coupled rate and temporal code of place cell firing. Hippocampus 13 (2003) 700-714
  • Hajós M, WE Hoffmann, Orbán G, Kiss T, Érdi P: Modulation of septo-hippocampal theta activity by GABAA receptors: Experimental and computational approach Neuroscience 126/3 (2004) 599-610
  • Érdi P, Huhn Zs and Kiss T: Hippocampal theta rhythms from a computational perspective: code generation, mood regulation and navigation Neural Networks 18(9) (2005) 1202-1211
  • Huhn Zs, Orbán G, Érdi P and Lengyel M: Theta oscillation-coupled dendritic spiking integrates inputs on a long time scale Hippocampus 15(7) (2005) 950-962
  • Aradi I and Érdi P: Computational neuropharmacology: dynamical approaches in drug discovery. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 27(5) (2006) 240-243
  • Érdi P, Kiss T, Tóth J, Ujfalussy B and Zalányi L: From systems biology to dynamical neuropharmacology: Proposal for a new methodology. IEE Proceedings in Systems Biology 153(4) (2006) 299-308
  • Ujfalussy B, Kiss T, Orbán G, WE Hoffmann, Érdi P, Hajós M: Pharmacological and Computational Analysis of alpha-subunit Preferential GABAA Positive Allosteric Modulators on the Rat Septo-Hippocampal Activity. Neuropharmacology 52(3) (2007) 733-743
  • Diwadkar V, Flaugher B, Jones T, Zalányi L, Ujfalussy B, Keshavan M, Érdi P.: Impaired associative learning in schizophrenia: Behavioral and computational studies. Cognitive Neurodynamics (in press)

Péter Érdi

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