Connecting European Neuroscience

Lorenzo Lorusso

Chair, History committee (2014-2020)

Curriculum Vitae


1994  -  Specialist in Neurology, University of Pavia, (I)

1989  -  Medical degree, University of Bari, (I)


Professional and academic career

1997- present - Consultant Neurologist, Chiari, (I)

2010 - Teaching in History of Medicine, University of Milan, (I)

1997 - Senior registrar in Neuropathology, WCNN, Liverpool, (UK)


Honours and awards

2010 – FENS - European Neuroscience history project

2006 – European Project - Paraneoplastic Neurological Syndromes (PNS). Strengthening the European Network

2002 – European project on Paraneoplastic Neurological Syndromes (PNS): clinical and laboratory aspects

1999 – Italian Ministry of Health – National network on paraneoplastic neuroloiogical syndromes (PNS)


General administrative and organisational experience

2012 Past President of the International Society for the History of the Neuroscience (ISHN)

Organization of meetings in History of Medicine and Neuroscience for national and international societies


Research interests


Neuro-immunology and neuro-oncology (multiple sclerosis, neurological paraneoplastic syndromes and brain tumours)

Motor neuron disorder


History of Neuroscience:

Brain function localization

Cinema and art in neuroscience


Selected Publications

  • Riva MA, Lorusso L, Sironi VA (2014) Cesare Vigna (1819-1892). J. Neurology 261: 449-450
  • Venturini S, Lorusso L (2013) Vincenzo Neri: anatomy of a finding. Tijdschrift voor Mediageschiedenis 16: 112-116
  • Lorusso L, Bravi GO, Buzzetti S, Porro A (2012). Filippo Lussana (1820-1897): from medical practitioner to neuroscience. Neurol Scien 33: 703-708




Lorenzo Lorusso

Consultant Neurologist

Lorenzo Lorusso, MD
Neurology Dept-
Mellino Mellini Hospital Trust
V.le Mazzini, 6
32025 Chiari – Brescia