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Michael Häusser

CHET member (2014 - 2016)

Curriculum Vitae

Professional and academic career

2011 – present    Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow and Professor of Neuroscience, Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research and Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology, University College London

2001 – 2011       Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow and Professor of Neuroscience, University College London

1997 – 2001      Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellow, Department of Physiology, University College London

1995 – 1997       HFSP Long-Term Fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Philippe Ascher, Laboratoire de Neurobiologie, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France

1996 – 1999        Visiting Scientist, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, New Jersey, USA

1992 – 1995       Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Bert Sakmann, Max-Planck Institut für medizinische Forschung, Heidelberg, Germany

1988 – 1992        Commonwealth Scholar and D.Phil. student, University Laboratory of Physiology, Oxford University, Oxford, UK

Editorial Boards:


2007    Neuron

2008    Frontiers in Neuroscience

2010    Faculty of 1000

2012    eLife

2012    Open Biology

2014    eNeuron


Research interests

Neural computation; Synaptic integration; Dendritic function; Neural circuits


Honours and awards

2012                    Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences (FMedSci)

2011                    Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow

2010                    Member of EMBO

2009                    ERC Advanced Grant

1995                    HFSP Long-term Fellow

1992                    Alexander von Humboldt Fellow

1988                    Commonwealth Scholar


General administrative and organisational experience


Academic Service

2013                    International review panel, SFB 1089, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

2012 – present    Sectional Committee Member, Academy of Medical Sciences

2012 – present    Scientific Advisory Board, Brain Mind Institute, EPFL Lausanne

2012 – present    Scientific Advisory Board, Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University

2012                    EMBO Membership Expansion Committee

2010 – present    Scientific Advisory Board, British Neuroscience Association

2008 – present    Panel member, Advanced Grants evaluation panel, European Research Council (ERC)

2009                    International review panel, SFB 870, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

2007 – 2010        Co-chair of UCL Neuroscience (with Prof. Jon Driver)

2007                    International review panel, Department of Neurosciences, Pasteur Institute, Paris, France

2006                    International review panel, SFB 720, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft


Selected Publications

  • Stuart, G. & Häusser, M. (1994). Initiation and spread of sodium action potentials in cerebellar Purkinje cells. Neuron 13, 703-712.
  • Häusser, M., Stuart, G., Racca, C. & Sakmann, B. (1995). Axonal initiation and active dendritic propagation of action potentials in substantia nigra neurons. Neuron 15, 637-647.
  • Häusser, M. & Roth, A. (1997). Estimating the time course of the excitatory synaptic conductance in neocortical pyramidal cells using a novel voltage jump method. Journal of Neuroscience 17, 7606-7625.
  • Häusser, M. & Clark, B.A. (1997). Tonic synaptic inhibition modulates neuronal output pattern and spatiotemporal synaptic integration. Neuron 19, 665-678.
  • Wang, S.S.H., Denk, W. & Häusser, M. (2000). Coincidence detection in single dendritic spines mediated by calcium release. Nature Neuroscience 3, 1266-1273.
  • Häusser, M., Major, G. & Stuart, G. (2001). Differential shunting of EPSPs by action potentials. Science 291, 138-141.
  • Stuart, G. & Häusser, M. (2001). Dendritic coincidence detection of EPSPs and action potentials. Nature Neuroscience 4, 63-71.
  • Vetter, P., Roth, A. & Häusser, M. (2001). Action potential propagation in dendrites depends on dendritic morphology. Journal of Neurophysiology 85, 926-937.
  • London, M., Schreibman, A., Häusser, M., Larkum, M. & Segev, I. (2002). The information efficacy of a synapse. Nature Neuroscience 5, 332-340.
  • Chadderton, P., Margrie, T.W., & Häusser, M. (2004). Integration of quanta in cerebellar granule cells during sensory processing. Nature 428, 856-860.
  • Sjöstrom, P.J., Häusser, M. (2006). A cooperative switch determines the sign of synaptic plasticity in distal dendrites of neocortical pyramidal neurons. Neuron 51, 227-38.
  • Rancz, E.A., Ishikawa, T., Duguid I., Chadderton, P., Mahon, S., Häusser, M. (2007). High-fidelity transmission of sensory information by single cerebellar mossy fibre boutons. Nature 450,1245-8.
  • Kitamura, K., Judkewitz B, Kano, M., Denk, W., Häusser, M. (2008). Targeted patch-clamp recordings and single-cell electroporation of unlabeled neurons in vivo. Nature Methods 5, 61-7.
  • Mathy, A., Ho, S.S., Davie, J.T., Duguid, I.C., Clark, B.A., Häusser, M. (2009). Encoding of oscillations by axonal bursts in inferior olive neurons. Neuron 62, 388–399.
  • London, M., Roth, A., Beeren, L., Häusser, M., Latham, P. (2010). Sensitivity to perturbations in vivo implies high noise and suggests rate coding in cortex. Nature 466,123-7.
  • Branco, T., Clark, B.A., Häusser, M. (2010). Dendritic discrimination of temporal input sequences in cortical neurons. Science 329(5999):1671-5.
  • Smith, S.L., Häusser, M. (2010). Parallel processing of visual space by neighboring neurons in mouse visual cortex. Nature Neuroscience 13,1144-9.
  • Branco, T., Häusser, M. (2011). Synaptic integration gradients in single cortical pyramidal cell dendrites. Neuron 69, 885-92.
  • Schmidt-Hieber, C., Häusser, M. (2013). Cellular mechanisms of spatial navigation in the medial entorhinal cortex. Nature Neuroscience 16, 325-31.
  • Smith, S., Smith, I.T., Branco T., Häusser, M. (2013). Dendritic spikes enhance stimulus selectivity in cortical neurons in vivo. Nature 503,115-20.

Michael Häusser

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