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Zoltan Nusser

Member, The Brain Conferences Committee (2017 - present)

Curriculum Vitae

Professional and academic career

Academic Degrees:

2012: Member of the Academia Europaea

2007: Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2002: Doctor of Science (D.Sc., Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

1995: Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil.; Oxford University, Hertford College, UK)

1992: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.; University of Veterinary Science, Budapest, Hungary) 

Positions and Appointments: 
2000-present: Head of Laboratory of Cellular Neurophysiology, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Budapest, Hungary

1998-2000: Wellcome Prize Travelling Research Fellow in the Dept. of Neurology, University of California, Los Angeles

1996: Visiting Scientist in the Department of Pharmacology, University College London, UK 

1995-1998: Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit, Oxford, UK 

Awards and Prizes:

2013 Bolyai Prize

2012 Szechenyi Prize

2007 Debiopharm Life Sciences Award from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne.

2006 FENS/Boehringer Award of the Federation of the European Neuroscience Societies.

2006 Akademiai Prize from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary.

2004 Ignaz L. Lieben Prize of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria.
2002 Talentum Prize from the Central European Talent Support Foundation, Hungary.
2001 Krieg Cortical Kudos Cortical Explorer Award from the Cajal Club, USA.
2000 The Chancellors Award for Postdoctoral Research.  An award for the best postdoctoral researcher at UCLA, USA.
1998 Wellcome Prize Travelling Research Fellowship. The Wellcome Trust, UK.
1996 Glaxo-Wellcome Prize Award.  A prize for the best Ph.D. thesis in the UK provided by the Brain Res. Association.
1993/94 Overseas Research Students Awards.  University of Oxford, UK.

2012-2017 European Research Council Advanced Grant

2006-2011  European Young Investigator Award from the European Science Foundation

2003-2006  International Senior Research Fellowship from the Wellcome Trust
2001-2006  International Research Scholarship from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
2000-2006  Boehringer Ingelheim Fond Research Award for Postdoctoral Fellows

Research interests

The most fundamental function of nerve cells is the integration of their synaptic inputs to generate their propagating output signal, the action potential. The major aims of Dr Nusser’s laboratory are to understand how identified presynaptic nerve cells release neurotransmitters; how the released transmitter molecules activate their postsynaptic receptors; and how the generated postsynaptic potentials are integrated to generate an action potential. 

Selected Publications

  • Kerti-Szigeti, K. & Nusser, Z. (2016) Similar GABAA receptor subunit composition in somatic and axon initial segment synapses of hippocampal pyramidal cells. eLife5, e18426.
  • Molnar, G., Rozsa, M., Baka, J., Holderith, N., Barzo, P., Nusser, Z., & Tamas, G. (2016) Human pyramidal to interneuron synapses are mediated by multi-vesicular release and multiple docked vesicles. eLife5, e18167.
  • Rothman, J. S., Kocsis, L., Hercog, E., Nusser, Z., & Silver, R. A. (2016) Physical determinants of vesicle mobility and supply at a central synapse. eLife5, e15133.
  • Eyre, M. D. & Nusser, Z. (2016) Only a minority of inhibitory inputs to cerebellar Golgi cells originates from local GABAergic cells. eNeuro3, e0055-16.
  • Szoboszlay M., Lorincz, A., Lanore, F., Vervaeke, K., Silver, R. A. & Nusser, Z. (2016) Functional properties of dendritic gap junctions in cerebellar Golgi cells. Neuron90, 1043-1056.
  • Lenkey, N., Kirizs, T., Holderith, N., Mate, Z., Szabo, G., Vizi, E. S., Hajos, N. & Nusser, Z. (2015) Tonic endocannabinoid-mediated modulation of GABA release is independent of the CB1 content of axon terminals. Nature Comm, 20, 6557-60
  • Kerti-Szigeti, K., Nusser, Z. & Eyre, M.D. (2014) Synaptic GABAA receptor clustering without the γ2 subunit. J Neurosci, 34, 10219-10233.
  • Otsu, Y., Marcaggi, P., Feltz, A., Isope, P., Kollo, M., Nusser, Z., Mathieu, B., Kano, M., Tsujita, M., Sakimura, K., & Dieudonne, S. (2014) Activity-dependent gating of calcium spikes by A-type K+ channels controls climbing fiber signaling in Purkinje cell dendrites, Neuron,84, 137-151.
  • Billings G., Piasini, E., Lorincz, A., Nusser, Z. & Silver R. A. (2014) Network structure within the cerebellar input layer enables lossless sparse encoding, Neuron83, 960-974.
  • Szabo, G. G., Lenkey, N., Holderith, N., Andrasi, T., Nusser, Z. & Hajos, N. (2014) Presynaptic calcium channel inhibition underlies CB1 cannabinoid receptor-mediated suppression of GABA release, J Neurosci, 34, 7958-7963.
  • Kirizs, T., Kerti-Szigeti, K., Lorincz, A., & Nusser, Z. (2014) Distinct axo-somato-dendritic distributions of three potassium channels in CA1 hippocampal pyramidal cells. Eur J Neurosci39, 1771-1783.
  • Holderith, N., Lorincz, A., Katona, G., Rozsa, B., Kulik, A., Watanabe, M. & Nusser, Z. (2012), Release probability of hippocampal glutamatergic terminals scales with the size of the active zone, Nature Neurosci15, 988-997.
  • Vervaeke, K., Lorincz, A., Nusser, Z. & Silver, R. A (2012) Gap Junctions compensate for sub-linear dendritic integration in an inhibitory network. Science335, 1624-1628.
  • Eyre, M.D., Renzi, M., Farrant, M. & Nusser, Z. (2012) Setting the time course of inhibitory synaptic currents by mixing multiple GABAAR α subunit isoforms. J Neurosci32, 5853-5867.
  • Sumegi, M., Fukazawa, Y., Matsui, K., Lorincz, A., Eyre, M.D., Nusser, Z., & Shigemoto, R. (2012) Virus-mediated swapping of zolpidem-insensitive with zolpidem-sensitive GABAA receptors in cortical pyramidal cells. J Physiol (London)590, 1517-1534.

Zoltan Nusser

Head of Laboratory of Cellular Neurophysiology
Institute of Experimental Medicine
Hungarian Academy of Science
1083 Budapest, Szigony Street 43

Laboratory of Cellular Neurophysiology