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Shumin Duan

Ordinary member, Programme Committee FENS Forum 2016
Asic Pacific representative

Curriculum Vitae

Professional and academic career


1982. Aug.  Bachelor, Bengbu Medical College, China

1985 Aug.   Master, Nantong Medical College, China

1991 March  Ph.D. Kyushu University, Japan.

Postdoctoral Training:

1992.1-1994.1 Shanghai Brain Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai

1996,7 -1997,12 .  Bekesy laboratory of Neurobiology, Univ. of Hawaii, USA

1998,1 -1999,12 . Department of Neurology, VA Medical Center, Univ. of Calif, San Francisco, USA

Professional position:

2010,1- present: Professor and Dean, Zhejiang University School of Medicine

2009, 1- 2009, 12, Associate director, Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai.

2000, 1 – 2009,12: Principal Investigator, Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai.

Honor and Awards

Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2007

Academician, Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS), 2008

Prize for Scientific and Technological Achievements of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, 2008

The State Natural Science Award, China, 2010


General administrative and organisational experience

President: Chinese Society for Neuroscience (2011-)

President: Federation of Asia- Oceania Neuroscience Society (FAONS)(2014-)

Member:The Governing Council, International Brain Research Organization (2011-)

Member:  International Affairs Committee, Society for Neuroscience (2012-2014)

Member:  Global Membership Committee, Society for Neuroscience (2014-)

Editor in Chief, Neuroscience Bulletin (Official Journal of Chinese Society for Neuroscience) (2010-)

Editorial Board:  J Neurophysiology, Glia; Hippocampus; Neurobiology of Disease; Cell Calcium, Plos One


Research interests

Development, function, and plasticity of synaptic transmission.

The role and mechanisms of neuron-glia interactions in health and disease.

Neural circuit bases of brain functions


Selected Publications

(* Corresponding author)


  • Chen C, Li HQ, Liu YJ, Guo ZF, Wu HJ, Li X, Lou HF, Zhu LY, Wang D, Li XM, Yu L, Cao XT, Lu LR, Gao ZH, Duan S,A Novel Size-based Sorting Mechanism of Pinocytic Luminal Cargoes in Microglia, J Neurosci (in press)
  • Han Y, Shi YF, Xi W, Zhou R, Tan ZB, Wang H, Li XM, Chen Z, Feng GP, Huang ZL, Duan*, and Yu YQ, Selective Activation of Cholinergic Basal Forebrain Neurons Induces Immediate Sleep wake Transitions, Current Biology  2014,24: 693-698
  • Wu HJ, Liu YJ, Li HQ, Chen C, Dou Y, Lou HF, Ho MS, Li XM, Gao Z, Duan S. Analysis of microglial migration by a micropipette assay. Nature Protoc. 2014, 9: 491-500.
  •  Li HQ, Chen C, Dou Y, Wu HJ, Liu YJ, Lou HF, Zhang JM, Li XM, Wang H, Duan S*. P2Y4 receptor-mediated pinocytosis contributes to amyloid beta-induced self-uptake by microglia. Mol Cell Biol. 2013, 33: 4282-93.
  • Chen J, Tan Z, Zeng L, Zhang X, He Y, Gao W, Wu X, Li Y, Bu B, Wang W, Duan S*.  Heterosynaptic long-term depression mediated by ATP released from astrocytes.  Glia. 2013,61:178-191
  • Zhu B, Xu D, Deng X, Chen Q, Huang Y, Peng H, Li Y, Jia B, Thoreson WB, Ding W, Ding J, Zhao L, Wang Y, Wavrin KL, Duan S*, Zheng J. CXCL12 enhances human neural progenitor cell survival through a CXCR7- and CXCR4-mediated endocytotic signaling pathway. Stem Cells. 2012, 30:2571-2583
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  • Song AH, Wang D, Chen G, Li Y, Luo J, Duan S*, Poo MM. A selective filter for cytoplasmic transport at the axon initial segment. Cell. 2009, 136:1148-1160.
  • Tong XP, Li XY, Zhou B, Shen WH, Zhang ZJ, Xu TL, Duan S*,Ca2+ signaling evoked by activation of Na+ channels and Na+/Ca2+ exchangers is required for GABA-induced NG2 cell migration, J Cell Biol, 2009, 186: 113-128
  • Li H, Chen G, Zhou B, Duan S*. Actin Filament Assembly by MARCKS- PI(4,5)P2 Signaling Is Critical for Dendrite Branching. Mol Biol Cell. 2008, 19: 4804-4813
  • Z-J Zhang, G Chen, W Zhou, A-H Song, W Wang, T Xu, Q-M Luo, X-S Gu, Duan S*, Regulated ATP release from astrocytes via lysosome exocytosis. Nature Cell Biol 2007,9: 945-953.
  • Ge WP, Duan S*.  Persistent Enhancement of Neuron-Glia Signaling Mediated by Increased Extracellular K+ Accompanying Long-Term Synaptic Potentiation. J Neurophysiol. 2007, 97: 2564-2569
  • Chen G, Li HM, Chen YR, Gu XS, Duan S*. Decreased estradiol release from astrocytes contributes to the neurodegeneration in a mouse model of Niemann-Pick disease type C. Glia 2007; 55:1509-1518.
  • Ge WP, Yang XJ, Zhang ZJ, Wang HK, Deng QD, Duan S*  Long-Term Potentiation of Neuron-Glia Synapses Mediated by Ca2+-Permeable AMPA Receptors  Science,  2006,312, 1533-1537
  • Shen W, Wu B, Zhang Z, Dou Y, Rao ZR, Chen YR,  Duan S*.  Activity-induced rapid synaptic maturation mediated by presynaptic cdc42 signaling.  Neuorn, 2006, 50: 401-414 (Cover) Comment: Atasoy and Kavalali,Presynaptic Unsilencing: Searching for a     Mechanism. Neuron, 2006, 50:345-346
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Shumin Duan

Department of Neurobiology, Zhejiang University School of Medicine
866 YuHang Tang Rd. Hangzhou 310058, China
Phone: (86)-571-88208001