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Royal Society for Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

The Royal Society is pleased to offer a preferential price to all FENS members for a number of recent and upcoming issues of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences (Phil Trans B).


All selected print titles below can be purchased at the special price of £35.00 (usual price: £59.50).


  • Understanding the mind of the worm: modelling C. elegans at cellular resolution
  • From acquisition to representation of abstract concepts in the brain
  • Perceptual consciousness and cognitive access
  • Causes and consequences of individual differences in cognitive ability
  • Bridging senses - new developments in synaesthesia
  • Evolution of pathogen and parasite avoidance behaviours
  • Interdisciplinary approaches for uncovering the impacts of architecture on collective behaviour
  • Evolutionary thanatology: impacts of the dead on the living in humans and other animals
  • Risk taking and impulsive behaviour: fundamental discoveries, theoretical perspectives and clinical implications
  • From social brains to social robots: Applying neurocognitive insights to human-robot interaction


To claim this special offer price, please send an email to and quote the "FENS special offer discount".

Phil Trans B is the longest-running scientific journal in the world and publishes 26 issues per year on a diverse range of topics across the biological sciences. Each issue focuses on a research frontier that is advancing rapidly, often bridging traditional disciplines. Neuroscience is one of four key coverage areas of the journal.

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