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About the CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme

The CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme represents commitment by the five partner institutions FENS, IBRO, the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, University of Bordeaux and the Champalimaud Foundation to establish a dedicated neuroscience training facility in Europe.

What CAJAL Training programme is about

FENS, the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation organise the CAJAL Training Programme in collaboration with Bordeaux Neurocampus and the Champalimaud Foundation, selected after a call for partner venues in 2014. 

Take advantage of this new European training programme, which provides two-or-three-week hands-on courses to a group of about 20 international advanced students (early career scientists: PhD students and early postdocs) in two major European neuroscience facilities. Courses are project-based and designed by first-class neuroscientists.

Bordeaux Neurocampus

Leadership and organisation

The CAJAL Steering Committee (CSC) acts as an independent identity towards scientists, participants and partners. On behalf of the four founding institutions, it is thus the task of the CSC to ensure the global direction of the programme and as such, function as a focal contact point in regard to all new developments of the programme. The Central Administration of the CAJAL programme, which is based in Brussels at the FENS main office, functions as the administrative address for the CSC (see organisational chart).

  • The CAJAL Steering Committee (CSC) consists of the following ex-officio appointed representatives from the partner institutions:
  1. IBRO Secretary General 
  2. FENS President 
  3. Representative of the Gatsby Charitable Foundation
  4. Venue Director, University of Bordeaux 
  5. Venue Director, Champalimaud Foundation 
  6. Chair of the Committee of Higher Education and Training (CHET) - Advisory role

The Cajal Selection Board (CSB) plays an advisory role for the CSC by selecting the topics of each CAJAL Training course following the call for ideas which FENS launches every September.

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What they say about CAJAL

"I loved that the course was really hands-on and intense; I feel like I learned a lot. I had a wonderful time meeting the other students and instructors: everybody was so smart and passionate, it was really inspiring and humbling.”

Morgane Nouvian, student - CAJAL Behaviour and Neural Systems course 2015


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