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Behaviour and Neural Systems

12 July - 1 August 2015, Champalimaud Foundation, Portugal

    • Quantitative and qualitative studies of behaviour are fundamental in our effort to understand brain function and malfunction. Recently, the techniques for studying behaviour, along with those for monitoring and manipulating neural activity during behaviour, have progressed rapidly. Therefore, we are organizing a summer course to provide promising young neuroscience investigators with a comprehensive introduction to state-of-the-art techniques in behavioural neuroscience.

This 3-week course is a practical “hands-on” introduction to advanced methods in behavioural neuroscience and will cover sufficient background such that all participants will be able to establish these techniques in their home laboratories. Popular model organisms (rodents, drosophila, and zebra fish) will be used to demonstrate how modern technology (e.g. video tracking, virtual reality, automation, etc.) can be combined with traditional behavioural approaches to perform truly innovative neuroscience investigations.

Course directors

Isaac Bianco (University College London, UK), Ben de Bivort (Harvard University, USA), Michael Brecht (BCCN, Germany), Iain Couzins (Princeton University, USA), Elena Dreosti (University College London, UK), Roger Hanlon (Marine Biological Laboratory, USA), Bert Hölldobler (Arizona State University, USA), John O’Keefe (University College London, UK)

For further information on the course programme, instructors and techniques go to the course local website.

  • Registration
  • Fee for the main course: 3,125 € (this includes tuition fee, accommodation and meals)
  • Funding will be available for this course. A message will be sent to applicants with more information closer to the course starting date. Any applicant in need of a grant is encouraged to try to request it from their lab, institution or government if possible.

Champailmaud Foundation, Portugal

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