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CAJAL Neuroscience Training Courses 2019

The CAJAL course programme in 2019 includes six high-level courses. Click on each course title to view more information.

Interacting with neural circuits 

Date:      14 July – 3 August 2019
Course directors:
• Michael Hausser (University College London, UK)
• Menno P. Witter (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)
• Leopoldo Petreanu (Champalimaud Research, Portugal)

Computational Neuroscience                                  

Date:      11-31 August 2019
Course directors:
• Brent Doiron (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
• Maria Geffen (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
• Jakob Macke (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
• Joe Paton (Champalimaud Research, Portugal)

Brain Homeostasis and Neurovascular Coupling                                

Venue:    Bordeaux Neurocampus
Date:      19 May – 8 June 2019 
Course director:
• Martin Lauritzen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
• Edith Hamel (Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, Canada)
• Jérôme Badaut (CNRS - INCIA, University of Bordeaux, France)

Biosensors and actuators for cellular and systems neuroscience

in partnership with the Bordeaux Imaging Center

Venue:    Bordeaux Neurocampus
Date:       23 June – 13 July 2019
Course director:
• Ofer Yizhar (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
• Michael Lin (Stanford University, USA)
• Sandrine Pouvreau (IINS, University of Bordeaux, France)

Whole brain imaging                           

Venue:    Bordeaux Neurocampus
Date:       8-28 September 2019
Course director:
• Katrin Amunts (Jülich Research Centre, Germany)
• Bernard Mazoyer (CNRS - Neurodegeneratives Diseases Institute, UMR 5293, University of Bordeaux, France)
• Sylvain Miraux (CNRS - RMSB - UMR 5536, University of Bordeaux, France)

Advanced Techniques for Synapse Biology
in partnership with ERA-NET Neuron

Venue:    Bordeaux Neurocampus

Date:       13 October – 1 November 2019
Course director:
• Patrik Verstreken (VIB-KULeuven, Belgium)
Laurent Groc (CNRS - IINS, University of Bordeaux, France)
• Nathalie Sans (INSERM U862, University of Bordeaux, France)










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