Connecting European Neuroscience


ENCODS 2018: 5-6 July 2018, Berlin, Germany


Programme highlights:

Science & Society session: Methods of an Embodied Mind

As modern science is having a growing impact on our everyday life, ENCODS 2018 strives to provide participants with examples of how their scientific research can be used outside the lab. With the goal of inspiring scientists to reflect on how their own research can be incorporated into society, the Science & Society Session will focus on sociological, philosophical and artistic applications of neuroscience. The specific theme investigated will be embodied cognition with reference to virtual reality and mental illness. This session has been generously supported by the Schering Stiftung, Berlin.


The purpose of our interactive program is to create the opportunity for speakers and participants to interact in a less formal environment. Hence, we will incorporate an afternoon of unconference. An unconference, an unconventional conference, is a participant-driven and interaction-focused format developed by the technology and IT scene. The agenda is decided by the participants during the marketplace, where every participant can propose a session. Sessions are not constrained to a specific form, but should be conversation rather than presentation focused. Session subjects could be exchanging lab experiences, communal literature reviews, PI interviews, mini hackathons, and hands-on tutorials on cool tools, to mention some examples.