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With a mission to support education and training of young neuroscientists FENS offers a recurrent programme of state-of-the-art European schools on timely topics in neuroscience.

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FENS-Hertie Winter School 


FENS-SfN Summer School

FENS-Hertie Winter School


What they say about the Schools 

“These schools happen in a very relaxed setting where people can think outside the box." [...]
Prof. Oscar Marin (King's College London, UK), Scientific co-chair of the FENS SfN Summer School 2014. Read more here.

“It is an exceptional opportunity for the students to be in a place like this where they can concentrate on the topic and meet great speakers who are available for them.” 
Prof. Emiliana Borrelli (Universiry of California Irivine, USA), Scientific co-chair of the FENS SfN Summer School 2015. Read more here.

“Given the small group size of relevant peers and the willingness of the speakers to discuss ideas, the school was a great forum for exchanging ideas, networking, disseminating our research, discussing how to progress in a research career and for getting some hints and tips on techniques.” [...]
Aidan Kaar, student - FENS SfN Summer School 2015. Read more here.



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CHET Committee

The Committee of Higher Education and Training (CHET) was created in July 2014 from the merge of two previous committees: NENS and Schools committees.


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Understanding and targeting Alzheimer's disease

5-8 May 2019, Rungstedgaard, Denmark

Co-chairs: Christian Haass (LMU Munich & German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases) & Beth Stevens (Harvard Medical School)

Early application deadline: 1 Feb. 2019


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Brain Homeostasis and Neurovascular Coupling

The Cajal hands-on training course on Brain Homeostasis and Neurovascular Coupling is now open for applications.

Venue: Bordeaux Neurocampus
Date: 19 May - 8 June 2019

Deadline: 3 February 2019.


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Interview with Roger Barker

Prof. Roger Barker, one of the faculty members at the FENS SfN Summer School 2015 on Shared mechanisms and specificity in neurodegenerative diseases, explains his views on the school and shares his experience in this interview.

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