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With a mission to support education and training of early-career neuroscientists FENS offers a recurrent programme of state-of-the-art European schools on timely topics in neuroscience.

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What they say about the Schools 

"I've never attended such a great school! I met a group of wonderful people. I left the school not only with more knowledge, but also with many new contacts and ideas for my future. Everything was perfect." 
Matías Alloatti, participant of the FENS SfN Summer School 2019. Read more here.

“It is an exceptional opportunity for the students to be in a place like this where they can concentrate on the topic and meet great speakers who are available for them.” 
Prof. Emiliana Borrelli (University of California Irivine, USA), Scientific co-chair of the FENS SfN Summer School 2015. Read more here.


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CHET Committee

The Committee of Higher Education and Training (CHET) was created in July 2014 from the merge of two previous committees: NENS and Schools committees.


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Learn new techniques

Apply to Cajal hands-on training courses:

Optogenetics, chemogenetics and biosensors for cellular and circuit neuroscience

8-28 March 2021
Bordeaux School of Neuroscience, France
Deadline: 23 Nov. 2020


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Interview with Roger Barker

Prof. Roger Barker, one of the faculty members at the FENS SfN Summer School 2015 on Shared mechanisms and specificity in neurodegenerative diseases, explains his views on the school and shares his experience in this interview.

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