Connecting European Neuroscience

Call for Ideas: Development of Digital Materials with Training and Educational Neuroscience Content

FENS Committee of Higher Education and Training (CHET) invites scientists, students and established researchers from all domains in neuroscience, to identify topics in neuroscience training and education that are absent from or insufficiently covered in the online environment.

This call for ideas for developing digital materials with training and educational neuroscience content is an opportunity for neuroscientists from all backgrounds and at all stages of their career to identify and propose topics that FENS CHET could further explore and develop in online formats. The proposed topics should provide added value for the neuroscience community, filling existing gaps in online neuroscience training and education.

The FENS-CHET will collect and assess the submitted proposals, and facilitate the development of novel online materials that will be made available to the neuroscience community in due course.

Application closed on 15 January 2021.

  • Disclaimer: please note that this call for ideas is not a call for organisers. Topics and ideas may be accepted entirely as submitted or may serve as inspiration for related topics and themes. FENS-CHET will appoint the scientific organisers for each topic chosen.