Connecting European Neuroscience

Application procedure and eligibility criteria for joining NENS

To become a member of the Network of European Neuroscience Schools (NENS) and be included in the NENS Programme Directory, you just have 1) to fulfill the NENS eligibility criteria and 2) to submit an online School programme request to join NENS.

Your School programme request will be evaluated by the CHET Committee and within maximum 2 weeks your School programme will be included in the NENS Programme Directory, if eligible, with full access to all advantages and benefits offered to NENS members.

NENS eligibility criteria:

1.   The School should be located in Europe.

2.   MSc, PhD and MD-PhD programmes are eligible to apply to NENS.

3.   MSc programmes are eligible when they provide evidence of a structured curriculum in Neuroscience. This can be embedded in/part of a larger program such as life sciences or medical sciences.

A structured curriculum should include essentials of neuroscience complemented by more special training/education specific to the local context/possibilities. At least 50% of the courses (in ECTS credits) should be in neuroscience*.

4. PhD/MD-PhD programs should indicate the educational requirements to obtain the degree and provide a short description of the available courses in Neuroscience within the Department or School, indicating whether these are compulsory or recommended courses.

5.  For all member programs, the faculty should be sufficiently large and interdisciplinary to secure a stable and broad neuroscience curriculum. The faculty composition is also evaluated as to reflect the possible thesis topics.

6.  The educational programme and information pertaining to the School program should be accessible via a website in English. The website should provide a full description of the curriculum. The description of all compulsory courses should also be available on the website, including the name(s) of the faculty member(s) responsible. The description should follow established ‘Bologna guidelines’ referring to learning outcomes/aims and acquired knowledge, skills, and competences.

* On the school programme website the neuroscience courses should be marked or listed.


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