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European Graduate School of Neuroscience (EURON)

26 February 2018

European Graduate School of Neuroscience (EURON)

Basic Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience, Clinical Neuroscience, Cellular Neuroscience, Developmental Neuroscience, Molecular Neuroscience


Alzheimers Disease, Aging, Animal Behaviour, Brain Imaging, Brain Repair, Cognitive Disorders, Degenerative Disease, Development, Epigenetics, Epilepsy,Glial Cells, Huntingtonsdisease, Learning And Memory, Molecular Neurobiology, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuroanatomy, Neuroimmunology, Neurodegeneration, Neurological Disorders, Neuromodulation, Neuropathology, Neuropharmacology, Neuropsychology, Neuroprotection, Pain, Parkinson Disease, Plasticity, Psychiatric Disorders, Proteomics, Regeneration, Schizophrenia, Spinal Cord Injury, Stem Cells, Signal Transduction, Stress, Stroke

Host Institutions

  • Maastricht University (coordinator), Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, School for Mental Health and Neuroscience

    Maastricht, The Netherlands


    1. 1.    Maastricht University (School for Mental Health and Neuroscience (Faculty Health, Medicine and Life Sciences); Dept. Neuropsychology & Psychopharmacology, Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience)
    2. 2.    RWTH Aachen University (Institute Biology II, Institute of Neuroscience/Biophysics I, Neuroanatomy, Neuropathology, Neurology, Physiology and Psychiatry)
    3. 3.    University of Hasselt (BIOMED Research Institute, Doctoral School for Medicine & Life Sciences)
    4. 4.    University of Cologne (Zoological Institute, Institute II for Anatomy, Institute for Genetics; Departments of Biochemistry II and Neuropathology ; Max-Planck Institute for Neurological Research)
    5. 5.    Université de Liège (GIGA Neuroscience Research Center and Cyclotron Research Center)
    6. 6.    Université catholique de Louvain (Institute of Neuroscience)
    7. 7.    Université Lille 1 (PRISM Laboratory, U1192 INSERM)
    8. 8.    University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine – LCSB)

The research themes within EURON are multidisciplinary and of translational nature, i.e., they range from basic neuroscience to clinical applications.

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Programme Information

Programme Language(s)
Duration of the Programme
PhD positions of 3 or 4 yrs.
Degree(s) available

Contact Information

Dr. Gunter Kenis (Director), Dr. Nicole Senden (Programme coordinator) EURON Coordinating Office: Maastricht University School for Mental Health and Neuroscience (MHeNS)
Maastricht NL