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Sussex Neuroscience 4-Year PhD Programme

24 July 2014

Sussex Neuroscience 4-Year PhD Programme

Basic Neuroscience, Cellular Neuroscience, Clinical Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, Developmental Neuroscience, Molecular Neuroscience, Systems Neuroscience


Aging, Alzheimers Disease, Animal Behaviour, Artifical Intelligence, Auditory Neuroscience, Behaviour, Brain Aging, Brain Imaging, Cognitive Disorders, Degenerative Disease, Dementia, Development, Genomics, Learning And Memory, Molecular Neurobiology, Neural Networks, Neural Plasticity, Neurobiology, Neurochemistry, Neurodegeneration, Neurogenomics, Neuroinformatics, Neurological Disorders, Neuropharmacology, Neuroplasticity, Neuropsychology, Neurotransmission, Perception, Plasticity, Psychology, Psychophysics, Robotics, Sensory Processing, Sensory Systems, Signal Transduction, Synaptic Mechanisms, Synaptic Plasticity

Host Institutions

University of Sussex


Brighton, United Kingdom

Programme Information

Programme Language(s)
Duration of the Programme
4 years
Degree(s) available

Contact Information

Ruth Staras University of Sussex Department of Life Sciences
Brighton GB