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What they say about NENS Exchange Grants

Exchange Ann-Kathrin Herrmann "The NENS exchange program gave me the unique opportunity to travel to London and learn whole-cell patch clamping. Not only was the lab of Nicola Hamilton-Whitaker, PhD, at King´s College the ideal address to study electrophysiology, I also improved my communicational skills and critical thinking during my training stay at this international lab. The team was great, I had a really good time and I was able to bring a lot back to my lab. I am grateful for the NENS exchange grant, without whose support I would never have had the chance for this experience." Ann-Kathrin Herrmann (PhD student) about her exchange from the University Medical Center of Johannes Gutenburg University Mainz (Mainz, Germany) to the Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Diseases (London, United Kingdom) in 2018.

Exchange Hendrik Heiser"Thanks to the NENS Exchange grant I was able to perform my master thesis project in the lab of Johannes Gräff at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. There I was benefitting from the world-class research environment and cutting-edge technology available at EPFL. Additionally, the financial support offered by NENS allowed me to experience working and living in Lausanne at the shore of Lake Geneva in the Swiss Alps, a region characterized by its outstanding beauty and high living standard." Hendrik Heiser (MSc student) about his exchange from the Max Planck Research School Neurosciences (Göttingen, Germany) to the EDNE Doctoral Program in Neuroscience (Lausanne, Switzerland) in 2019.