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Help page for formatting your list of publications

For applications to FENS stipends and travel grants, the accepted format for listing publications correspond to the "summary (text)" format from PUBMED. Follow the instructions below for easy formatting of your selected publications.

3-step PUBMED formatting procedure:

Step 1: Identify publication(s)

1.1. Go to pubmed central:

1.2. Search the relevant publication: i.e. "Di Luca M, Baker M"

1.3. Press the "search" button. Publications matching the search string will be listed:








Step 2: Change viewing format

1.1. select the publications you want to include (by clicking the matching boxes)

1.2. Click "Save", select "Summary (text)" in the Format and then "Create file"

change view









Step 3: Copy/paste of the formatted publications

1.1. copy the list of publications and paste it into the FENS application form