Job ID: 110740

Post-doc/Project Researcher – SynGAP

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 19 May 2023

Contract Length: 24 months

City: Turku

Country: Finland

Institution: University of Turku

Department: Turku Bioscience


Post-doc/Project Researcher – SynGAP

We are opening new opportunities to join our research team investigating the mechanisms of neurological diseases. The team develops and applies optical tools (probes and actuators), imaging and lab automation instrumentation together with proteomics analyses to acquire novel biological insight. The projects aim to identify druggable events leading to perturbed synaptic connectivity.

This project develops methods primarily for the purpose of identifying and quantifying defective function of SynGAP1 protein carrying disease-associated mutations using cultures of rodent and/or human neurons as well as other systems. Suitable assays should be evaluated for compatibility with drug-library screening in a potential follow-up project.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Identifying the mechanistic bases for synaptic perturbation resulting from SynGAP1 abnormalities, using gene transfer into rodent and/or human neurons, high-throughput microscopy, optogenetics, image analysis, proximity proteomics and biochemical analyses. The current project aims to establish functional assays suitable for subsequent drug screens.
  • Supervision of junior researchers and collaboration with colleagues and project partners
  • Documentation and reporting

Essential qualifications

  • We are primarily looking for a person who has a relevant PhD degree in cell biology, molecular neuroscience or a related field. An applicant with a Masters’ degree and fewer qualifications may alternatively be considered for a Doctoral Researcher’s position or a Project Researcher’s position. In the case of a Doctoral Researcher, the applicant is expected to apply to join a doctoral programme of the University of Turku and have the corresponding required English language qualification or exemption.
  • Effective lab experience in neuronal cell biology, cell signalling methods, gene transfer methods and fluorescence microscopy
  • Experience of image data analysis pipelines with ImageJ/FIJI
  • Good knowledge of synaptic biology, cell signalling and neuronal cell biology
  • Strong motivation, persistence, initiative and independence
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English

Desirable qualifications

  • Strong publication record in international journals in the field relevant to the position
  • Generation, quantification and application of viral gene transfer systems (AAV & lenti)
  • Experience with use of imaging-based signalling reporters
  • Experience with neuronal differentiation of iPS cells
  • Good knowledge of R, Python and/or Java
  • Familiarity with quantitative proteomics techniques and corresponding data analyses
  • Experience with protein expression and purification and protein interaction studies
  • Familiarity with application of microcontroller circuits and optogenetics

Our selection criteria are based on the principle of finding the most qualified and suitable candidate for the work. In practice, this means that not only education, publications and working experience but also personal qualities, communication and motivation factors and other relevant criteria will be considered.

A person selected for the position of Post-doctoral Researcher is required to have a doctoral degree and the ability to conduct independent scientific work as well as having the necessary teaching skills. On the other hand, a person selected for the post of Doctoral Researcher/Project Researcher is required to have a higher university degree. The degree must be completed by the end of the application period. If the person does not have a Master’s degree yet, the title will be Research Assistant. If the selected person already has a right to pursue a doctoral degree at the University of Turku, (s)he must also have an accepted research plan. In addition, when acquiring his or her degree or otherwise, he or she is required to have demonstrated the ability and motivation to undertake postgraduate studies and the capacity to complete a doctoral degree in accordance with the research plan.

Duration of contract

The start of employments is negotiable, preferably in May-June 2023. The position is fixed-term for 24 months (negotiable), with an eventual possibility for an extension. A six (6) month trial period applies to the positions. The qualification requirements of the positions are written in the University of Turku Rules of Procedure.

What we offer you

The salary is determined in accordance with the university salary system for teaching and research personnel and will depend on the degree and qualifications of the applicant. The salary for a doctoral researcher/project researcher will be in average 2300 – 2500 euro/month and for a post-doctoral researcher in average 3300 – 3500 euro/month depending on competence and experience.

Salaried positions in Finland automatically include payments to a pension fund, unemployment funds, an extensive occupational healthcare, affordable sports services and even a holiday allowance. All these positions belong to the personnel group of teaching and research personnel and have flexible working possibilities as we support a work-life balance.

What to do next

The application period has been extended until 21st of May 2023. The applications we have already received are considered in the call. Please submit your application through the online application system no later than 7.5.2023. Kindly use a link to the online application system

In addition, applications must have the following enclosures (in English):

1) motivation letter (max 1 page) focusing on your strengths related to our research topics

2) CV (max 2 pages)

3) copies of degree certificates

4) contact details for at least three referees (name, working place, e-mail address)

5) a list of publications, highlighting the five most relevant ones

In case you need help with the application process, please turn to biocityhrservices(at)

About us

Read more about the team and their research

Turku Bioscience is an advanced research centre hosting, in a single site, research teams with expertise in high-end core facilities housed in this independent unit affiliated with both the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. The facilities for proteomics, screening and cell imaging the most relevant to the projects and are situated either in close proximity to or within our lab space, facilitating internationally competitive science in a stimulating, highly networked international community with more than half of the personnel having an international background. The working language is English. Supercomputer facilities at the Center for Scientific Computing ( will also be used. More details about the departmental infrastructure can be found at

We value equality and diversity in our work community and encourage qualified applicants, regardless of background, to apply for our open positions. Read more about us as an employer on the “Come Work with Us!” page and the welcome services for newcomers

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