Job ID: 110793

Postdoctoral position in Cortical plasticity and neuromodulation

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 30 May 2023

Contract Length: 2 years, in first instance, with possibility of extension.

City: Edinburgh

Country: United Kingdom

Institution: University of Edinburgh



Postdoctoral position in the lab of Rebecca Jordan at the University of Edinburgh

We are looking for a motivated postdoctoral researcher to conduct basic research into neuromodulatory (locus coeruleus) computation in mice, by utilizing a multimodal virtual reality system alongside in vivo electrophysiology, fiber photometry, and optogenetics.

UE07: £36,333.00 – £43,155.00 Per Annum

CMVM / Edinburgh Medical School / Deanery of Biomedical Sciences / Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

Fixed Term Contract: Full-Time – 35 Hours per Week

Fixed-Term Contract Duration: 2 years, in first instance, with possibility of extension.

This project involves conducting research aimed at investigating the prediction error responses and computation performed by the locus coeruleus in behaving mice. This will involve developing a novel multimodal virtual reality system for presenting and combining sensorimotor mismatch stimuli, and using fiber photometry and electrophysiology to record from the locus coeruleus. Electrophysiology and/or widefield imaging can then be used alongside optogenetics to interrogate the contribution of cortical activity to locus coeruleus computation. Alternative projects involve using whole cell recordings in vivo, combined with virtual reality, to investigate cortical sensorimotor plasticity at the single neuron level.

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