Job ID: 111022

Technician position in Neuroscience in Paris

Position: Technician

Deadline: 20 July 2023

Contract Length: 1-3 years

City: Paris

Country: France

Institution: Institut de Psychiatrie et Neuroscience de Paris (Inserm 1266)



We are looking to recruit a technician to join the team “Signalling mechanisms in neurological disorders”. This group is interested in elucidating the interaction between kinases and GPCRs in neurological disorders, with a focus on autism  ( We work with mouse models but also  cellular models.
We are looking for a motivated and qualified individual to join our group, on a contract that can be extended to 3 years. An important aspect of the work will be immunohistochemistry to analyse signalling cascades in the mouse brain. Other tasks will include genotyping, cell culture and performing biochemical experiments ( such as western blotting,  immunoprecipiations, ELISAs etc).

Good organisational  and English skills are required.
– Knowledge of brain development and anatomy would be a plus
– Software: Excel, data analysis, R or Python would be a big plus
– A Master’s degree is  recommended