Job ID: 114269

Postdoctoral position at the Paris Brain Institute (ICM), Paris, France.

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 31 December 2023

Contract Length: 2 years

City: Paris

Country: France

Institution: Paris Brain Institute




We are seeking to recruit as soon as possible talented and motivated post-doctoral fellows with experience in brain neurophysiology that love science and are fascinated by synapses and neuronal circuits.

Location: The Rebola Lab ( seeks for a highly motivated Postdoctoral fellow to join our team at the Paris Brain Institute, Paris, France. Starting date November 2023-April 2024

Project: The project aims at investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the processing of sensory information in the neocortex. The work will mainly focus on the primary visual cortex (V1) and will combine the use of visual stimulation, optogenetics, genetically encoded sensors (e.g. GCaMPs, iGluSnFR3, among others) together with in vivo two-photon imaging and or in vivo electrophysiological recordings e.g. Neuropixels). The laboratory’s research primarily focuses on understanding how variability in synapse function among the different cellular components of cortical microcircuits contributes to the encoding of visual information. Special attention is devoted to investigate how the specification of synaptic function and integration contributes to the unique functional properties of the distinct populations of interneurons in the neocortex and ultimately control processing of visual information (see publications).

Profile: The position will be financed for a minimum of two years. For this position, we are seeking highly motivated individuals with experience in neurophysiology. Candidates with a PhD in Neuroscience or related discipline and demonstrated expertise with two-photon imaging, in vivo recordings and/or computational skills are highly encouraged to apply. Starting date is scheduled to 1/01/2024 but can be adjusted.

Interested candidates should submit a statement of research experience and career goals, a current CV and 2 reference letters to:


Key Publications:

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Contact Information

Nelson Rebola, Ph.D.

ICM – Institut du Cerveau | Paris Brain Institute

47 Boulevard de l’Hopital

75013 Paris


phone: +33 1 5727 4199