Job ID: 115527

Post-Doc Position in Cell Biology/Neurosciences

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 30 September 2023

Employment Start Date: 1 November 2024

Contract Length: 2 years

City: LYON

Country: France

Institution: INSERM U1208- Stem Cell and Brain Research Institute

Department: Team: Cellular reprogramming in the brain


The Heinrich lab “Cellular Reprogramming and Brain Repair” ( at SBRI (INSERM U1208) and member of the Laboratory of Excellence network (LabEx CORTEX is looking for a talented postdoc scientist.

Project: The adult mammalian central nervous system lacks intrinsic regenerative capacity to replace lost neurons and induce functional recovery following injury/diseases. A promising approach towards brain repair is to instruct fate conversion of brain-resident non-neuronal cells (such as glial cells) into induced neurons by direct lineage reprogramming (Heinrich et al, Nat Cell Biol, 2015; Vignoles et al, Trends Mol Med, 2019). We and others have previously shown that glial cells can be efficiently converted into functional induced neurons of various phenotypes both in vitro and in vivo (Heinrich et al, PLoS Biol 2010, Nat Protoc 2011, Stem Cell Reports 2014; Gascon et al, Cell Stem Cell, 2016). Notably, we have recently shown in the context of drug-resistant epilepsy that reactive glial cells can be converted into inhibitory neurons (typically lost in epilepsy) that integrate within epileptic networks and are capable of reducing chronic seizure activity (Lentini et al, Cell Stem Cell, 2021). Thus, our data uncovered glia-to-neuron reprogramming as a potential disease-modifying strategy to reduce seizures in therapy-resistant epilepsy.

Our lab now pursues two main objectives aiming i) at deciphering the molecular programs underlying reprogramming of cell identity within the brain, and ii) at further assessing the potential therapeutic impact of glia-to-neuron reprogramming in mouse models.

The successful candidate will be working at the interface of neurosciences, cell biology, and transcriptomics (in vivo reprogramming, immunohistochemistry, scRNASeq, bioinformatics analysis,…).

Candidates: We value inner drive, creativity, smart and open minds, and team players. We are looking for enthusiastic and highly motivated scientists holding a PhD and willing to join a challenging research area at the edge of cellular biology and neurosciences. Applicants are expected to have a strong background and proven track record in cell biology or neurosciences. Experience in working with mice (stereotaxic injections), cellular/molecular biology and/or scRNA-Seq will be valuable. Expertise in bioinformatics analysis would be helpful. English proficiency is mandatory. Strong communication skills, team spirit and ability to work in multidisciplinary teams are expected.

Environment: The University of Lyon and LabEx CORTEX ( represent an outstanding scientific environment. Research at SBRI is at the interface of development biology with a strong emphasis on stem cell biology, neurogenesis and functional neurobiology of the brain. SBRI benefits from state-of-the-art research platforms for cell culture, molecular biology, virus production, microscopy and provides a high-quality scientific, technological and medical environment. Omics platform are available in Lyon.

Application: Please send one PDF file to Dr. Christophe Heinrich ( containing the following:

-Curriculum Vitae including publication list and contact details for 2-3 referees

-Cover letter with statement of the main research interests

-Summary of previous research achievements

Start Date: between November 2023 and January 2024.