Job ID: 116697

Postdoctoral position: pathophysiology of migraine

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 31 October 2023

Contract Length: 1+1 years

City: Pavia

Country: Italy

Institution: University of Pavia

Department: Dept of Brain and Behavioral Sciences


A 2-year (1+1) postdoctoral position is available at the Neurophysiology laboratory at the Dept. of Brain and
Behavioral Sciences of the University of Pavia.

Project title: Mechanisms of susceptibility to cortical spreading depression in migraine: a multiscale

Background: Migraine is a remarkably common and disabling brain disorder, primarily affecting the sensory
system but involving the whole central nervous system. The cortical spreading depression (CSD) is
considered the neurophysiological correlate of the migraine aura, characterized by transient sensory
alterations preceding the headache in a third of patients. CSD is a self-sustaining and slowly propagating
wave of nearly complete depolarization of brain cells, which can be experimentally induced in brain tissue,
both in acute preparations and in vivo. However, CSD generation and propagation, as well as migraine
pathophysiology, remain poorly understood.

Project: Here, we propose to investigate CSD impact on neuronal networks in the cerebral and cerebellar
cortex. The project will exploit cutting-edge neurophysiological techniques as high-density multielectrode
array recordings (HD-MEA, 3Brain) in acute slices and microendoscopic calcium imaging using miniscopes
(nVoke2, Inscopix) in freely moving mice. We will take advantage of the FHM mouse models of migraine to
characterize CSD impact on neural networks and its threshold in control and mutated mice, both ex vivo and
in vivo. Moreover, the project will also aim at investigating the impact of sleep deprivation, which is one of the
main known triggers of the migraine attack, on CSD susceptibility.
The project is in collaboration with Prof. Daniela Pietrobon’s lab (University of Padova).

Candidate Requirements: We are looking for a highly motivated candidate, holding a PhD in neuroscience
(or related subjects), with experience in neurophysiology. Previous experience with electrophysiological
techniques and animal handling / surgery is welcome. The candidate will work in a highly cooperative
environment with other postdocs and PhD students.

Starting date: Beginning of 2024

If you are interested, please contact Lisa Mapelli (