Job ID: 116958

PhD position in neuroscience

Position: Ph.D. Student

Deadline: 18 December 2023

Contract Length: 3-4 years

City: Kristiansand

Country: Norway

Institution: University of Agder

Department: Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences


A fully funded PhD position in neuroscience is available at the Dynamical Systems Neuroscience Collaboratory (DSyNC) at the University of Agder.

At DSyNC, we work to understand how intrinsic brain activity combine with external input to generate patterns of neural activity responsible for perception. We use the mouse olfactory system (olfactory cortex and hippocampus) as a model system. We are specifically interested in how the brain forms and organizes representations of odorants, a challenge quite similar to how the brain forms representations of places. To understand dynamic neural processes that form the basis of perception, we record from populations of neurons in awake, head-fixed mice, both using tetrodes and neuropixel probes, in combination with high-capacity behavioral monitoring and precise sensory stimuli (olfactory, and visuospatial using VR environments). Pharmaceutical, chemogenetic or optogenetic tools are occasionally used to reveal causal relationships.


Follow this link for further information and to apply: PhD Research Fellow in neuroscience (253172) | University of Agder (