Job ID: 117636

Postdoc and Innovator in Microchip (MEMS) based Neurotechnologies – DTU Construct

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 15 February 2024

Contract Length: 2 years

City: Copenhagen

Country: Denmark

Institution: Technical University of Denmark



Neurostimulation technologies stand as a captivating advancement in neuroscience, medical technology and microchip technology. Employing controlled electrical, magnetic, optical, or other forms of energy, it offers an intriguing avenue to influence and modulate neural activity. It holds remarkable potential for revolutionizing the treatment landscape of neurological disorders. We collaborated in an NIH BRAIN initiative to develop cortical artificial vision based on microchip technology. A Multielectrode array is inserted into the visual cortex. However, electrodes corrode due to faradic currents needed for stimulation, scar tissue growth, and neurostimulation efficacy decade. Advanced materials, drugs, and biphasic stimulation mitigate these effects. The silver bullet is zero faradic current stimulation. We aim to develop a next-generation neuroimplant based on, for example, micromagnetic stimulation, which has zero faradic current. Inspired and encouraged by our recent results ( paper 1 , paper 2 ), we envision an intriguing potential to treat different brain illnesses such as stroke, blindness, depression, etc.

DTU’s role in the collaboration is fabricating MEMS implants for animals (mice and monkeys). The experimental work will occur at a state-of-the-art cleanroom facility ( DTU Nanolab ). See also the vitural tour . The Lundbeck Foundation and Novo Nordisk Foundation generously support our activities, and it is an extension of the Obama BRAIN Initiative .

One important aspect of the position is translating our and your own technologies into valuable products for clinical impact.

Responsibilities And Qualifications

Your responsibilities are task include:

  • Neuroimplant designs in collaboration with the Copenhagen University and Harvard University teams.
  • Explore cleanroom MEMS manufacturing processes and workflows for implant development.
  • Innovation (start-up company) for clinical impact.
  • Co-supervising bachelor’s, and master’s students.
  • Writing and publishing high-quality papers.

Because of the innovative nature of the project and project teams, we are looking for an innovative engineer or scientist with great ambitions to make a difference by cutting-edge engineering and innovation. We seek strong experimental skills, open-mindedness, and “I can do” mentality. You are extremely well organized. You are ambitious to bring advanced technologies to the market or take on the challenge of developing into a senior scientist role. We are looking for a bright and empathic person with a PhD degree in mechanical/process/mechatronics engineering, neurotechnologies, biomedical engineering, MEMS engineering or similar.

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