Job ID: 4434

Post-doctoral position in BORDEAUX/France

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 20 February 2021

Employment Start Date: 1 July 2021

City: Bordeaux

Country: France

Institution: IINS - CNRS UMR 5297

Department: Groc's Laboratory


Recruiting a postdoc at the Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience in Bordeaux

The identification of autoantibodies directed against neurotransmitter receptors in neurological and psychiatric disorders have opened a new era in the neuroimmunological field. We have shown that autoantibodies directed against the glutamatergic NMDA receptor alter the receptor functions through dysregulated membrane dynamics. Using single molecule imaging, electrophysiological and behavioural approaches, the project aims at deciphering the mechanisms underpinning the pathophysiology of autoantibodies direct against the NMDA receptor present at the surface of neuronal and non-neuronal cells. The lab is based in the Neurocampus of Bordeaux (

Your qualifications?
I am looking for candidates with a PhD in neuroscience, ii) a strong publication record, iii) great motivation, and iv) good social and communication skills.

How to apply?
Email i) a cover letter explaining your research training and interests, ii) your detailed CV, and iii) at least two reference letters to Laurent Groc (

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