Job ID: 64353

Neuroscience Researcher (Brain Implants)

Position: Commercial Position

Deadline: 31 January 2022

City: Bangalore

Country: India

Institution: Mayaforge



Close your eyes for a moment and try imagining a glowing candle in front of your eyes.

Seriously, do it for a second.

Done? Great.

Where exactly is the candle that you just saw? Consciousness is one of the last great mysteries for humanity. We’ve detected gravitational waves, completed the standard model, sent people on the moon and launched probes that are outside the solar system now but we still have no idea about how supposedly unconscious cells comprising our bodies and brains give rise to the redness of the red, the sweet fragrance of vanilla, the softness of velvet, and the harmony of C major.

At Mayaforge, we’re building brain-implants that will help us better understand consciousness and ultimately enable precise engineering of conscious experiences. We want to push forward the read-write bandwidth into brains so that neuroscientists get high-fidelity data on the dynamics and structure of the brain, and biomedical engineers build functional brain-machine interfaces to help restore normal function in people suffering from currently incurable mental and physical disorders (such as paralysis or depression).


We’re hiring the initial team that’ll work towards formulating a first-principles based roadmap for building safe, minimally invasive, high read-write bandwidth neural interfaces for the human brain.

As one of the first hires, we’re looking for a neuroscience researcher who has either worked on brain implant technologies before or has demonstrated the ability to think from first principles in fields where s/he has had little or no experience.

The expectation is to do exploratory research into different ways of building high bandwidth read-write neural interfaces and to do feasibility studies on the science and technologies involved by conducting proof-of-concept experiments. For the initial period of desk research, you can be located anywhere in the world for this job. We also expect to work with third-party contract research organizations and suppliers. Though, at some point in future, we expect to setup our first physical lab in Bangalore, India (which means you may be occasionally required to travel to it or even temporarily relocate, if that’s what the situation needs).


  • Immense growth potential as we’re just starting out
  • Do science that’s focused on tangible real-world applications
  • Work from anywhere in the world (remote position)
  • Excellent salary
  • Medical insurance


  • Research potential pathways to building high bandwidth read-write neural interfaces
  • Conduct proof-of-concept experiments to answer unknowns
  • Collaborate with internal or external engineering on brain-interface prototypes
  • Conduct scientifically-interesting experiments exploring manipulation and engineering of conscious precepts


We have no minimum qualifications but one or more of the following would indicate that you’re likely to succeed at this job:

  • PhD in neuroscience or neuro-technology or biomedical engineering
  • Built invasive brain-interfaces before
  • Worked with mammal brains (rodent, sheep, non-human primates)
  • Interested in big questions across various fields in physics, biology, engineering, mathematics and neuroscience


Send your application to with following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • CV / Resume
  • List 3-4 technical or scientific accomplishments where you’ve played a major role. Provide links to your work, wherever it’s possible.
  • What have you conceptualized and built by yourself?
  • Twitter handle (optional)
  • LinkedIn profile (optional)
  • Cover letter (optional)


Mayaforge is a stealth-mode company planning on building brain-interfaces in the short term and precisely engineering consciousness in the mid to long term. It’s setup by a successful entrepreneur who has previously started a category-leading global tech company and scaled it to hundreds of employees.

At Mayaforge, we fundamentally believe that new tools that reveal unseen phenomena push humanity’s knowledge forward, which is the fuel that drives our society’s progress. So, by building advanced brain-implants, we’d be able to push our understanding of consciousness further and ultimately be able to precisely engineer new and wonderful states of consciousness that hold the potential to eliminate disabilities, reduce chronic suffering and augment human capabilities to currently unthinkable levels.