Job ID: 81829

Post-doctoral position in neuroscience

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 15 September 2022

City: Nouzilly-Tours

Country: France

Institution: CNRS



In our lab, we are trying to understand the social substrates underlying social behaviours using RNAsequencing, innovative pharmacology and behaviour interventions accross social species. All technologies are already implemented in the lab. We have sevreal animal models of social interaction deficits including moude models mmimicking autism spectrum disorders.

The position is open for Ukranian post-doctoral fellow to continue his/her scientific carrier. The researcher will be assisted all along the project by two research technician and will join the highly dynamic team of the ERC starting project therautism (2 PhD students, two postdocs, two technicians and three researchers).

Our  joint research unit between the CNRS, INRAE, and the University of Tours, is located in the Loire Valley (South of Paris). We have strong expertise in social behavior with unique animal models and facilities of more than 10 animal species. The researcher will also benefit from the pluridisciplinary expertise (e.g. omics, bioinformatics, system biology, pharmacology, in vivo) of our research team.