Are you a PhD student and would like to be part of the team organising the ENCODS 2023 meeting?

ENCODS – the European Neuroscience Conference by Doctoral Students – holds annually cross-disciplinary conferences to prepare early neuroscientists to meet the challenges in the field of neurosciences for today and the future. 

In 2023 ENCODS will take in the marvellous city of Algarve, Portugal, just ahead of the FENS Regional Meeting (FRM). Planning an international conference is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in working in a team, develop and polish your organisational skills; above all, organising ENCODS is a rewarding and valuable experience, a platform to develop your network and interact with other PhD students, start-up friendships and broaden your scientific knowledge.

As a member of the ENCODS team, you will have to carefully plan, and spread the word about your academic agenda, contact leading scientists around the globe, write workshop proposals, fundraise, efficiently communicated and much more. All of this will allow you to further develop a multitude of skills such as leadership, teamwork, finance, and event management.

Future PhD graduates will be faced with more adverse and erratic career paths; honing skills sets that are highly valued in both academia and industry will ensure that you and your CV are a cut above all else. The merits of organising ENCODS meetings extend far beyond the syllabus – tackling new challenges, connecting with fascinating persons, and finding out new things about yourself.


Don’t miss the chance to be a part of ENCODS 2023! 

Reach out to us and express your interest by email at: