FENS facilitates the dissemination of scientific information through a series of online resources, available to all.

Browse the directory below and access a vast array of online materials, including position papers, training and career development materials, outreach and advocacy resources.

Title Description Type Year
Using ORCID at FENS.org

Get the best information on how you can use ORCID to get visibility for your published work and receive practical advice, ideas and the best tips directly from FENS and ORCID. Do you want to learn how to connect your ORCID iD with FENS.org and ensure you get recognition for all your contributions? This flash-FENS online session provides you with the necessary information about ORCID, followed by a demo on how to use your ORCID ID and a 15-minutes Q&A session.

Video 2022 Using ORCID at FENS.org
Using Twitter to communicate in your science life

How can scientists best use Twitter to communicate science? Learn from scientists who use Twitter on a regular basis as a tool for science communication.
Organised by the FENS Communication Committee at the FENS 2020 Virtual Forum. Download your Twitter guide in the resource section of the FENS website.

Video 2020 Using Twitter to communicate in your science life
Webinar: Running a Brain Awareness Week event in 2022

This webinar aimed to provide participants with useful tips on how to write a successful Brain Awareness Week (BAW) application and how to run an engaging outreach event. The webinar will include a case study of a funded BAW project and an interactive Q&A session with the panellists to provide hands-on tips to the audience.

Video 2021 Webinar: Running a Brain Awareness Week event in 2022
What is FENS?

FENS is the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies. Find out more about our activities and how we can support you.

Video 2020 What is FENS?